Favourite summer plants can overwinter says Marlene Link

It’s not too late to save your geraniums. If you had geraniums in your summer containers or in your garden, you can save them for next spring.

Overwintering your geraniums can be done in different ways. Some people bring in the whole pot and place them in a south facing window. Leaf drop may occur and you should water them weekly. In mid-winter you can take cuttings (slips) and pot them up in fresh potting soil.

Another method is to pull the geranium out of the soil and hang them upside down in a cool dark corner of the basement. Roots will go dormant, then wait for spring and repot them in fresh soil. I have also stored them in a brown paper bag.

Larger pots can also be placed in the basement on the floor to dry out and go dormant. About February give them a bit of water and watch for new growth. Then in the spring repot them in fresh potting soil, trim back to the new growth. By May, they should look strong and healthy and ready to go outside to enjoy.

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