Dunnville Horticulture Society

What you can do with a Rose

This year one of our goals was to learn more about the plants that are growing in our backyard (and most likely in yours as well), and what we can do with them. And due to the fact that rose hips are in season, let’s start with the rose. Roses are a beautiful flower. There is no denying their beauty, but there is more to the rose than just its beauty. For starters, it is used as a fragrance in many products, but did you know that its fragrance can help relieve stress, negative moods, and even headaches?

From the petals of the rose, rose water or rose oil are the most commonly available products, and rose water is easy to make at home with a few roses and distilled water. But more importantly, here are some of the benefits:

  • When used as a toner it can help reduce and soothe skin irritations, redness, and acne. It may even help with eczema and rosacea.
  • It’s been said to help sooth sore throats, so make a tea or put a little rose water into a glass of water.
  • It also has antiseptic and anti-aging properties and has been known to help with healing wounds and reducing scars and fine lines.

Other things that can be made from the rose petals are tea, salads (yes, the petals are edible), potpourri, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, etc.

Then there’s the rose hip, which I’m on the hunt for. My one poor rose plant just isn’t going to give me enough rose hips to make some syrup; and why do I want to make some of this? Well, because it’s a good source of vitamin C, A, D, and E and it can be used in a variety of food and drinks to add a little sweetness. Or you can use it like maple syrup and pour it over your pancakes, waffles, yogurt, or ice cream.

How are you feeling about roses now?

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