Bees were actively working in and around the sedums in the median at Broad and Main Streets in Dunnville as Steve Elgersma shared his commitment to help others. Steve is a worker bee’ for Dunnville Horticultural Society and has been tending to several flower beds for what he thinks is close to 15 years. This summer, Steve joked that he is out weeding whenever it hasn’t been raining which is often up to 10 hours per week.

It all started when Steve and his wife Jenny were out walking and they noticed weeds in the bed and felt that removing them would be a way to help. Steve had been caring for that flower bed for probably two years when a D.H.S. member noticed him working and invited him to join the
society. In addition to his work for D.H.S. Steve is one of the volunteers who maintain gardens at Dunnville Hospital and Edgewater Gardens. Steve is a volunteer with the Niagara Christian Gleaners two mornings a week. Steve and the other volunteers wash, cut and prepare donated produce for
dehydration. The group receives over 7000 pounds of produce daily that would otherwise be discarded. Through their efforts the dehydrated produce can be shipped to those in need around the world. Steve helps lead worship services at Dunnville Hospital and Grandview Lodge and is a member of
Gideons International.

Steve was born in Holland and moved in 1947 to Canada along with his parents and six siblings. Three more siblings were born in Canada. Steve learned about dedication and hard work growing up on a dairy farm and later working at Rosaflora for 19 years. Steve and Jenny raised two sons and
two daughters. To Steve the reward for doing his volunteer work for D.H.S. is seeing the simple beauty of the flowers.

Dunnville Horticultural Society would like to recognize the efforts of Steve Elgersma and all of the other volunteers who maintain numerous flower beds around the town. Members have been helping to keep Dunnville looking beautiful since 1929. Dunnville Horticultural Society meets monthly between September to June on the third Thursday of the month. Plan to join the members on Thursday September 21st at Dunnville Optimist Hall where we will be learning more about the bird banding program at Ruthven Park in Cayuga. Doors open at 6:30pm. Programs are free and open to everyone.

If you enjoy being outdoors and have one hour a week during the spring and summer months, then D.H.S. has a spot for you to beautify! Contact D.H.S. Weeding Coordinator Nelly Engelage through the website or call Past President Deb Zynomirski at 416-566-9337.

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