[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]DUNNVILLE—Gardeners everywhere always eagerly anticipate the arrival of longer days and warmer weather. But aside from necessary pruning, we should temper our enthusiasm for some time yet. March is a good time to prune back shrubs, trees, and fruit producing vines. However, this is a poor time to be cleaning out our gardens and raking leaves and lawn.

Why, you ask? Many of our most important pollinators burrow in twigs, under leaf litter, and in thin, hollow branches. Imagine these pollinators that have survived a long cold winter, only to be dug up or raked away from their protective nests before they have a chance to emerge on their own. With the assault on our pollinators by insecticides, we need to give these insects every chance to survive! I would encourage you to wait on your garden and yard clean up. Early to mid-May is the ideal time to tackle this task and will ensure that most pollinators will have had a chance to emerge from their winter hibernation.

Also remember that your nemesis, the dreaded dandelion, is an important first food for these pollinators. It’s so tempting to get out there and get a head start on picking and uprooting the dandelions. However, as our pollinator friends emerge, they will be very hungry, and those dandelions and other early wildflowers provide the nutrition and food they need to replenish their energy stores. They will thank you by caring for your flower and vegetable flowers, and help you produce a great crop.

This May, the Dunnville Horticultural Society (DHS) will once again be spreading our planting activities in town across three days. If you are interested in assisting with our Planting Days, contact me directly. Likewise for anyone interested in weeding a garden for the season.

Some members have been asking how they can obtain their 2021 DHS membership. Please send a cheque or money order ($10 single, $15 couple) to Dunnville Horticultural Society, P.O. Box 274, Dunnville, Ontario N1A 2X5.

Your membership card will be mailed directly to you.

Although our DHS monthly Program Nights are still on hiatus, your DHS Board continues to work behind the scenes, planning for this year.

In the meantime, you can keep up with us on our website at


You can also contact me for more information at debzyn@gmail.com.

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