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Combining Gardening with Recycling


In the past, having baby shoes bronze plated was a common and popular way of preserving precious memories.  For some reason, that method is no longer practiced.


Keeping the memory alive and growing can be easily accomplished by using baby or children’s shoes as a potting source. 


In addition to saving family member’s shoes, using shoes readily available from a thrift shop is a great way to grow lovely houseplants or produce a product for resale.


The photo shows shoes obtained at a thrift store.  Because of their well worn condition, they could not be offered for resale.  So, the author rescued them from going to the landfill site!


Succulents are excellent plants which are very adaptable to such a small container.  Shown here are Hens and Chickens.  Other plants which will grow well in such a small space and minimum soil is the Mexican Hat Plant (Million Dollar Plant) or cacti.


Also depicted in the photo is a convenient way of watering such a tiny container.  This can be easily and efficiently done by using a roasting baster to allow the water to be absorbed slowly drop by drop.





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