Dunnville Horticulture Society

Program Night Minutes: September 2022



Minutes by Petra Kruis Daly

6:30pm.    Doors Open. Memberships available for 2022.

7:03pm.    Welcome by Deb Zynomirski, DHS President. Treasurer’s Report is Posted on the 

back wall.  Questions can be directed to our Treasurer Ellen Guenther.

7:10pm.    Business at Hand

  • 2022 DHS memberships on sale tonight before Program and at break
  • Thank you to Marlene Link for her continued articles in the Sachem, and also to Susan and Brad Emery for their Get Growing column in the Haldimand Press
  • 2022 DHS Bursary will be awarded to Amelia Green-Johnson. She has gone on to study Conservation Studies at Trent University.
  • Deb gave an update on the garden under Muddy. In the past, mulch has been placed but it has not kept the weeds at bay. The County has been asked to mow under from now on but leave the tall grasses.
  • District 9 Fall Forum being hosted by Thorold Hort. Society on October 29. If you are interested in going, please see Deb Zynomirski
  • DHS is partnering with the Haldimand Hort. Society in 2023 to do a joint Seedy Saturday event. This will take place at the arena in Cayuga. The proposed date is April 8, 2023.
  • Ways and Means Table: Get your tickets before the Program begins tonight, or at the break. The money raised helps cover the cost of renting the hall each month.
  • Volunteers to provide snacks for our next meeting: Jenny Elgersma, Sharon Sykes, Ben Tucci, Debbie Thomas and Marilyn Stavinga. Thank you very much to those who brought snacks tonight.
  • Our AGM is coming up in November, where we will swear in our new Board of Directors for 2023. Please consider being part of our Board!  Deb Zynomirski stepping down as President.
  • The Ontario Horticultural Society is holding a fundraiser, selling calendars for $25.  If you are interested in purchasing one, please see Deb Zynomirski
  • Downtown Dunnville Tree Planting Plan has not yet begun, however the markings for the tree placements have been done in the downtown core and the work will start next week (hopefully)
  • Thanks to everyone who helped with Weeding this summer, and also thanks to Nelly Engelage, our Weeding Coordinator.  Our community gardens look fantastic!
  • 2022 Year of the Garden “A Splash of Red”
  • Thanks to Melanie Ruigrok for her innovative ideas.
  • “Splash of Red” doorhangers have been awarded to RED focussed gardens around Dunnville. Did you get one? Congratulations!
  • Remember: this year’s DHS photo contest at our November AGM will have a YOTG focus


Dates to Remember:

  • October 20, next Program Night: Melanie North speaking on ‘Using plants for health and beauty”

7:17pm.    Break for Refreshments

7:35pm.   Presentation by Hanna Jacobs of Matchbox Farms and Seed Co. She owns this farm located on River road near York/Caledonia. They provide fresh organic seeds and ship all over Ontario.

8:25pm.    Wrap Up and Closing Remarks

  • Behind Thompson Creek, paths are very lovely this time of the year for a fall walk
  • Rotary Club of Dunnville will be installing a ‘accessible’ platform to view Thompson Creek
  • Ways and Means draws (Betty Ballenger and Gwen VanNatter)
  • Meeting Adjourns

Thanks to all our Board Members and volunteers who made tonight’s evening possible!  Together we all work together to make our Society a success! 


Tonight’s Numbers:

  • 47 people in attendance
  • Kitchen: $11
  • Ways and Means: $51
  • Beehouse: $20
  • Hat: $3