PROGRAM NIGHT: June 16, 2022

Minutes by Petra Kruis Daly

6:30pm.    Doors Open. Memberships available for 2022.


7:04pm.    Welcome by Deb Zynomirski, DHS President. 

The Treasurer’s Report is Posted on the back wall members are encouraged to direct their question to our new Treasurer Ellen Guenther.


7:05pm.    Business at Hand

7:20pm.    Break for Refreshments

 7:35pm.   Presentation by Kim Drew, Owner of Purple Haven Lavender. A lavender farm located between Canfield and Canboro. Kim spoke about the different types of lavender, its health benefits and how to grow and cut lavender to enjoy. Kim had a variety of lavender products available for purchase.

8:15pm.    Wrap Up and Closing Remarks


8:20pm    Meeting Adjourns 

Thanks to all our Board Members and volunteers who made tonight’s evening possible!  Together we all work together to make our Society a success!

Suggestion Box was opened and these were the contents:

Kitchen Donations: $16.90

Ways and Means: $55.45

Sales of hats and aprons: $16.00

Memberships: 1 at $10.00

Auction for donated plant $10 .00

Whistling Gardens Raffle:$100.00

Random Donation: $2.00

Attendance tonight: 45


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