Dunnville Horticulture Society

Program Night Minutes: May 2022



Minutes by Petra Kruis Daly

6:30pm.    Doors Open. Memberships available for 2022.


7:04pm.    Welcome by Deb Zynomirski, DHS President. Treasurer’s Report is Posted on the back wall.         

                 Questions can be directed to our new Treasurer Ellen Guenther.


7:05pm.    Business at Hand

  •         Members List: Members are reminded that If your information has changed, please let us know
  •         2022 DHS memberships on sale tonight before Program and at break
  •         DHS Members Rose Draw will take place tonight.  This draw is for DHS Members only….you can get in on the draw by purchasing your 2022 Membership tonight! While you’re at it, why not pick up a DHS gardening apron? On special tonight for $10! This includes getting your name stitched on at Mirror Imaging for FREE.
  •         Long standing member Betty Clark has passed away. Visitation Friday May 20.
  •         Thank you to Marlene Link for her continued articles in the Sachem, and also to Susan and Brad Emery for their Get Growing column in the Haldimand Press
  •         Ways and Means Table: Get your tickets before the Program begins tonight, or at the break. See Gwen and Betty for a chance to get something great! 3 tickets for $1
  •         Plant Sale results: $1,606 plus 1 membership sold.  We will add to this the proceeds of whatever has been sold at our parking lot leftovers this evening.
  •         We are still in need of volunteers to assist with Planting Days (May 24, 25, 26).  Please use the sign-up sheet at the back.
  •         DHS Bursary for DSS graduating student:  Amelia Green-Johnson to volunteer with us.
  •         Ontario Garden Week is June 12-19.  We will once again be proudly flying the Year of the Garden flag at our county administration offices.
  •         Downtown Dunnville Tree Planting Plan should take place over the summer.  Plans are available to view if you are interested.
  •         Introduction to Marilyn Stravinga as a new board member. She is back from taking a break and we are happy to have another great volunteer.
  •         Thanks to everyone who has had a hand in preparing all our flower beds for planting! This past Monday, a few intrepid souls added 5 yards of compost/enriched soil to several beds.
  •         2022 Year of the Garden “A Splash of Red”
  • Red feature gardens by bridge (Lighthouse garden and West Bridge bed will get a “facelift” this spring) We have allocated $500 to refresh these two gardens.
  • “Splash of Red” doorhangers to be awarded to RED focussed gardens around Dunnville. Consider planting red annuals this year!
  • Haldimand County photo contest, details to follow
  • Sign Up Sheets available, please sign up at the registration desk.
    • Weeding/Clean Up of Gardens
    • Planters for Planting Days!
  • Dates to Remember:
    • May 24/25/26 DHS Annual Planting Days
    • June 16th, next Program Night (speaker: Kim Drew of Purple Haven Lavender Farm .Also, Kim has donated 50 lavender plants for us to plant in the long bed at the parking lot.)
    • Next month:  June Raffle for two pairs of Admission to “Whistling Gardens 10th Anniversary Celebration” Tickets will be $5 each.  Regular admission is $34/pp.
  • Beth Powel and Ken Shirwood donated a large quantity of seeds from their gardens on the give away table.
  • Don Davies has donated a beautiful and unique Oncidium from the orchid family, which will be ‘Auctioned’ off after our speakers are done. 


7:20pm.    Break for Refreshments


7:31pm.   Presentation by Petra Kruis-Daly and Susan Emery.

  •         “Cannabis: Therapeutic and Medicinal Uses. Growing and Processing Plants”
  •         Lots of Q and A as well as knowledgeable contributions by guests and members
  •         Give aways of seeds and gummies were available at the end of the night.



8:35pm.    Wrap Up and Closing Remarks

  •         Member Rose Draws (members only): Betty Ballanger, Rose Marie Borak, Pat Henderson, Marilyn Stavinga, Marilyn Sutor, Wray McLean, Sandra Zynomirski,
  •         Ways and Means draws (Betty Ballenger and Gwen VanNatter)
  •         Auction of the Oncidium went for $40
  •         Meeting Adjourns

Thanks to all our Board Members and volunteers who made tonight’s evening possible!  Together we all work together to make our Society a success!

 Kitchen $14.75

Ways and Means: $47.00

Sales of hats and aprons: $8.00

Memberships:2X$10, 2X$5 = $30.00

Auction for donated plant $40.00

Plant Sale at Meeting $37.00

Attendance tonight: 38