Residents and tourists who drive through Dunnville might notice a change to one of the town’s iconic features.
Just in time for the holidays, Muddy the Mudcat has received a facelift.
Muddy’s creator; Mike Walker; recently made repairs to Muddy’s whiskers. He also repaired a light fixture and plans to touch up the paint when the weather improves.
The Dunnville Rotary Club and Dunnville Horticultural Society partnered to refurbish Muddy’s habitat as well.
The work was made possible through a grant that the Grand River Conservation Authority gave to the Rotary Club.
Russ Savage and his team from Landscapes by Russ donated naturalized plantings, and George Byleveld of Geoscape Curbing installed a permanent edging around the perimeter.
Gary Schumaker, one of the original Big Mudcat Committee members, presented a $1,000 donation to the horticultural society in appreciation for taking a lead role in the rehabilitation of Muddy’s habitat.
The money will be used for ongoing enhancements to the park area.
The group would like to thank all of the parties involved in the project.

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