Dunnville Horticulture Society

May Program Night Minutes 2019

May Program Night
May 16 2019
Our President Deb Z welcomed the 78 members and guests out this evening, especially new people. She explained that the video playing was from the recent ‘burn’ done at the Thompson Creek Project.
She reminded everyone to help themselves to beverages as well as purchase ‘Ways and Means’ tickets. The money from this goes to help pay for the rental of the hall. At the back of the hall are a variety of items. Newspaper clippings, coming events, etc for members to read.
She reminded everyone about important dates coming up:
• Planting day is May 25 at 8am. Volunteers are needed to help plant that morning. Please sign up at the back of the room. Bring your gardening gloves and trowels.
• Mayor’s Gala is the evening of May 25. Volunteers are needed to help that evening.
• Fall members only garden tour: Sept 14th
• Fall Forum is Sept 27th.
• Summer weeding. Volunteers are needed to take care of the flower beds in town all summer/fall. Please sign up to take care of a bed. Speak to Nelly (our weeding coordinator) if you have questions.
Thompson Creek Project Update: Ducks unlimited regularly has fundraising dinners, Deb represented DHS at the most recent dinner and showed those attending what DHS is doing at Thompson Creek. Wild flower seeds are going to be planted as soon as the land dries out. Signage for this project is being prepared and will be installed by the fall. The ‘Grand Opening’ will happen in the fall on Sept 18 2019.
Gloria thanked Leitha, Rose Allen, Pat Anderson, Ellen Gunther for bringing in tonight’s amazing snacks. Gloria asked for June snack volunteers which are: Joan King, Kim Christoff, Pauline Phillips, MaryEllen Page, Cheryl Brown.
Guest Speaker: Adam Koziol from Earthgen, was introduced by Deb Z. He spoke about the interesting topic of Truffels. After a very informative 45 minutes, Deb asked Nelly to draw 10 names to win the Rose Draw. The winners are:
1. Betty Ballenger
2. Evelyn Wardell
3. Reg Wilson
4. Joan King
5. Gloria Hunter
6. Barb White
7. Hellen Eddle
8. Dan McKay
9. Kim Dickie
10. Larry Page
Deb Z reminded everyone again to sign up to volunteer. Next month Loretta Shields will be talking about backyard birds and how to keep them. She thanked everyone for coming tonight, especially those who are on the board, who help behind the scenes. Susan and Morgan who help with Tech. Ways and Means draws then took place, which raised a total of $70.45 for this evening. The kitchen donation tin raised $78.60. The last few remaining plants from the plant sale were sold and brought in an extra $57.00