March Program Night Minutes by Petra Kruis Daly
Deb Z opened the meeting by welcoming new comers, reminding everyone to sign in as they enter. She pointed out exits and restrooms as well.
• Treasurers report was pointed out as posted at the back of the hall, everyone is encouraged to take a look
• Minutes from last month are on the back of tonight’s agenda.
• Thank you to board members who sold memberships, especially to several new members.
• At the back of the room, those able, are encouraged to sign up to help at the Home and Garden show, The spring forum, and the summer weeding.
• Lester Frets then spoke, telling about his articles in the Haldimand Press. He is looking for people in the gardening community, who he can highlight in an article. Please give him your name if you have some interesting gardening technique he can feature.
• Haldimand Horticultural Club in Caledonai is having their seed exchange this Saturday, 9 -2pm at Micinnon Park SS.
• Thank you from Salvation army for the food that was collected in the fall for their food bank.
• Coupon from Grand Erie home hardware was given out to all members. Other sponsors also give discounts, please ask at checkouts if your membership gives you advantages.
• Dan McKay did a short update on Thompson Creek. The burn will happen soon. Volunteers are no longer needed for planting of the wild flowers. A weather station was sent to Dan and he has set it up so that the ideal date of the burn can be decided. As soon as the burn is complete, thousands of wild flowers will be planted. Signs are being designed and should be up by the end of the year. Dan has observed many people using the area already and so this is very exciting. For those unable to walk the trails, check out Google maps, an aerial view shows the trails clearly. The large white oak near the center of the grass area is about 260 yrs old, a story board will show all the things this tree has seen in the changes of the town.
• Deb reminded everyone of next month’s program. The movie ‘The Gardener’. Refreshments will be popcorn and other sweets. Gloria asked for snack volunteers for May 16th program night and they are; Ellen Guenther, Sharon Sykes, Leitha Burden, Rose Allen, Pat and Rosemary. Thanks to Evelyn Wardell, Denise Richardson, Vhelma Shirton, Marlin Stravinga, leitha Burden, Petra KruisDaly, Debbie Thomas and Murel Curry for the amazing snacks tonight.
• The clock update is ‘status quo’. The clock will be reworked into a story board about the history of Dunnville.
• The Horticulture Club sign on the Optimist club outdoor wall is going to be changed to reflect our new website.
• Muddy’s upkeep is the responsibility of the township. The DHS’s responsibility of the gardens below the mudcat, are complete.
Deb welcomed everyone to enjoy the refreshments, purchase tickets for the Ways and Means, and get a stretch before our speakers begin.
Deb introduced Troy Moodie and Kelly Bowers-Moodie from Moodie Bees, speaking about ‘All about the Bees’, an informative talk about starting your very own bee hive, and how to care for it. After a very informative session, Deb thanked our guest speakers

John Cookshank won the early bird draw of a gift certificate of $20 to Pothos. Betty and Gwen started drawing names for the ways and means.
Kitchen brought in: $57
Ways and Means brought in: $68
New memberships brought in: $240

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