Spring is here!! Finally!!

Having ventured out from being cooped up inside,I was invited for supper at our neighbours place.
When we arrived we were greeted with her cute little plant growing display.
Everyone has a favorite outdoor annual plant that does really well in their gardens, but get tired of replacing them year after year, including
Lady MacGyver (aka;my neighbour) .
Hence the indoor garden was imagined, and LMG decided to build her own growing area in a corner of the kitchen with a northern window exposure.
On a 3’x3′ table top a  4′ tall wood frame made with 2″x4″ and 1″x2″ wood pieces was constructed. It included, four clip sockets with grow lights and tin pie plates to direct the light on a 12 hr timer.
One mister is on for a few hours most days.
The  plants were dug out of the garden keeping the garden soil with no added fertilizer or new potting soil.
She lost 2 of 18 plants but admitted it was likely due to lack of watering,opps!
Some of her plants are Hypoestes Phyllostachya (Hyppo Rose), which has a few flowers.
3 New Guinea Impatiens (Rose Flow) one of which is closest to the window has had flowers all along.
Gerbera daisys,Gollum Jade,Ivy,Begonias,Hibiscus all seem to be sleeping but doing well.
She also has a Mandevilla hoping it will survive and it is still sending out new green shoots.
A very simple way of keeping plants over winterBy the appearance of her plants she is well ahead of planting in the spring and saving some money too.
I’m sure there are lots of people with inventive ideas just like this one. So why not give this simple grow table a try!
Way to go Lady MacGyver! Keep growing everyone!
Marlene Link


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