An earlier Haldimand Press article (July 11, 2019) suggested growing zucchini was a good way to introduce children to gardening.

One day before Houston McGowan turned two years of age, he picked this last-of-the season zucchini from the Lowbanks’ garden along Lake Erie. It weighed nearly 3 kg and measured 41 cm in length.

For tasty frying, it’s better to harvest zucchini before they reach this size, however by grinding up this one, his mother Maggie can make a winters supply of relish!

At Houston’s young age, the photo certainly shows the interest and enjoyment children can experience in Haldimand gardening!

Called Raven, this is an especially good zucchini variety as it produces abundantly from late June into October, benefiting by the lake moderating the temperature and prolonging the growing season. In addition, the plant was watered and fed regularly with 10-52-10 fertilizer throughout the season.

Because Raven is a hybrid, Houston will not save the seed from this giant. New seed will be purchased next year.

Lester C. Fretz, M.Sc., is a Dunnville Horticulture Society member and Haldimand gardener.

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