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It’s that time of year again. The cold weather has made itself at home here in Canada, and we’re all patiently awaiting its long-awaited departure. There are a few signs of spring that are familiar to everyone, from the melting of snow to the budding of trees to the return of animals that were smart enough to migrate south at the first sign of winter. While these sights may be a little in the distance yet, there are two signs of spring already here: The HFA is ready for their annual banquet this weekend, and The Haldimand Press has published this annual Farms: Spring edition.

As we look ahead to the warmer weather we hope is soon to come (and stay), we consider everything that farmers must look ahead for as well. Of course, each year farmers have to make a plan for that particular planting, growing, and harvesting season, but they can’t stop there. Ultimately, farming is a business and farmers rely on their business continuing to thrive to provide for their family. Businesses must plan for the future if they are going to succeed, otherwise they risk being caught off guard by incoming challenges or falling behind their peers as their industry evolves and outgrows them. For this reason, our theme this year is focusing on the new technologies and practices that our local farmers are not only adapting to, but also using to their advantage to grow their business.

As always, thank you to our farmers for your hard work and dedication. We understand it’s a difficult business you’re in, and we appreciate your efforts to ensure we have safe, delicious, and healthy home-grown food to enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to, or supported through advertising, The Haldimand Press’ special keepsake edition celebrating all things agriculture in Haldimand.

We love getting feedback from our readers, so please, if you have something to say about this special edition, let us know. Whether you had a favourite article in the section or you learned something interesting that you didn’t know before, we’d love to hear from you.

In addition, if you have any agricultural-related story ideas, would like to write a letter to the editor on your opinion of farming today or in years past, or have historic farm photos you think other readers might enjoy seeing, we would also welcome those submissions. All submissions or inquiries can be sent to publishers@haldimandpress.com.

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