Miniature roses found in grocery stores are always tempting to buy, but after you get it home, you wonder if it will survive until the weather gets warm enough to put it outside. Usually, they last a few weeks in a sunny spot in the house.

Always remove the gift wrap sleeve, as it prevents drainage. After flowering has stopped, place the plant out of bright light and keep it slightly on the dry side, but not completely dried out.

After it has gone dormant, you can divide the rose, which usually has multiple plants in one pot. Use a good potting soil to allow for adequate drainage, but do not use peat moss, as it makes it difficult to manage watering. Too much water can cause the leaves to go yellow and drop. Use a rooting hormone compound when planting.

Some miniature roses are heartier than others, but they generally do well and are sturdier than they appear. Transfer them directly into the garden or use them in planters as an accent plant and enjoy them next summer.

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Marlene Link is a member of the Dunnville Horticultural Society.


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