Vandalism of public property
      All I can say is unbelievable, heart breaking and disheartening to a group of dedicated community volunteers.
Just last week Tuesday, Dunnville Horticultural Society volunteers completed a project to enhance the town beds.
Two nautical themed public art pieces were constructed with the donation a telephone pole, from Hines Electric and Marine rope from Vic Powell. Two cast steel geese that had been broken off different town locations 2 years ago were re purposed to sit upon the newly created nautical structures.
     Volunteers from DHS worked very hard to design, create and build these feature pieces. Only to discover Sat morning when they arrived to commence planting the town beds with annuals, that sometime Friday evening after 9pm an individual(s) thought that destruction of something beautiful for all to enjoy, would give them some sort of rush, satisfaction by destroying public property.
 One of the cast steel geese had been removed from its perch on the East side of the Dunnville Bridge bed.
      I cannot tell you how upset and disenchanted  my group is, this happened within days of being done. DHS is a group of volunteers that put countless hours of their own time and sweat equity into beatifying Dunnville, only to have their hard work thoughtlessly disrespected and blatantly ruined.  Shame on who ever did this!! If the goose is not at the bottom of the Grand River, consider its return. This act of vandalism however, will not prevent DHS volunteers from continuing their work beautifying the town of Dunnville.

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