PRESS RELEASE -Nov. 3, 2016
Dunnville, Ontario.
By Jillian Zynomirski
Thanks for Watering!
The Dunnville Horticultural Society (DHS) and Dunnville Business Improvement Area (BIA) teamed up with Egger Truck and Machine to keep Dunnville’s flowerbeds vibrant.
Charlie Hartsell, of Egger’s, watered the beds almost every day this summer as a result of the dry weather.
The DHS, BIA and Egger’s would like to thank Charlie and recognize his efforts. Charlie, who has done the watering for five years now, said he was up by 4am each morning to begin watering. The most water he used in one morning was 7,000 litres, which meant filling up the water tank 7 times.
“It keeps you occupied.” he said. “You’ve got to go to bed early; bed at 7pm, up at 4am. then come to work at Eggers for 7am.”


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