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By Morgan Schaeffer, 

4-H Club Press Reporter

To The Haldimand Press


Meeting 1: We had our first meeting May 8, 2019 at the Schaeffer home. We had a great first meeting. We played a fun game about veggies. We discussed recipes that included our favourite fruits and veggies. We had our elections, which resulted in River as President, Olivia as Vice President, Caitlyn as Secretary, and Morgan as Press Reporter.

We received all of our plants for our gardens. We all received the criteria for growing our gardens. The meeting was adjourned. We then enjoyed snacks and drinks and went home excited about planting our gardens.

Meeting 2: We all met in Dunnville at the bridge parking lot on May 25 with the Dunnville Horticultural Society for the town planting day. We were given a bed to plant and we all worked hard to get it done.

Meeting 3: On June 22 we were very lucky to be able to visit Shared Harvest Farm in  Dunnville. We met at the farm and the farmer took us on a tour. He explained all about the way things grow without the use of pesticides and how much better it is for our bodies. This was a great experience.

Meeting 4: On July 10 we met at Judy’s Greenhouse. Judy always does cool things with us. This year we got to build bird houses. We took them home unfinished and then painted them and decorated them the way we wanted and entered them in Achievement Day. During the meeting, we learned about home remedies to control mildew on plants. Thank you to Margret of Judy’s Greenhouses for all you do for this club.

Meeting 5: On September 19 we met at Windecker Woods Flower Farm. We toured the flowers and learned about different types of beds and about flowers from seeds and flowers from bulbs. These beds of flowers were beautiful and as we went through the flowers Petra cut flowers for each of us to take home a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

Meeting 6: September 19 we had our Achievement Day with the Dunnville Horticulture Society at the Dunnville Optimist Hall.

We all put entries in for the largest sunflower head, an animal made from a vegetable, a decorated pumpkin, our bird houses all decorated, and a 4×6 picture of us in our garden. These classes were judged by Hort members and prizes and ribbons were given out to the winners. Congratulations to Ben for the best garden.
This was a great club with eight members and two leaders.
Some of our gardens did not do so well this summer, but we did have some that were great.
As a club we say thank you to our leaders.


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