Marlene Link details how to train a seven-son shrub into a tree shape

Do you have a favourite tree or shrub? My favourite is “hepdicodium miconiodes,” commonly known as seven-son.

This unusual member of the honeysuckle family is a vase-shaped shrub, but can be trained into a tree form by pruning techniques. After selecting a strong stem to be the trunk, cut all lower stems to remove one-third of the growth, leaving the rest for a year.

Continue pruning until all but the single stem is left. Stake it closely to keep it growing straight. Remove any new shoots around the base of the trunk to maintain the tree form.

Seven-son will bloom in August or September, with white flowers consisting of whorled sets of seven, hence the name. The flowers turn reddish as they mature, and the bark peels in strips similar to paper bark maple.

The bees will swarm to this plant when in bloom. I have had two trees in my garden for several years and I really enjoy them. Hope you can find one to enhance your gardens, too.

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