Are you looking for easy low maintenance plants?

Choosing the right plants can make gardening an easier and more enjoyable task.

Here are some of my  suggestions :

Lavender: it likes lots of sun and not too much water. Clip the flowers and enjoy the fragrance but do not cut back in the fall.Wait till spring to prune and shape.

Sedums: very little care required once established,likes sun and the bees love it. Makes a great fall flowering plant as well.

Peony: These beauties put on a spectacular show with hundreds of varieties. Little care required except cutting back in the fall.

Hostas: a go to plant for shady spots.Many different types and sizes to choose from and to create visual interest in your garden. Very little maintenance.

Ornamental grass: add height,colour and texture and offer many different varieties.Remember you don’t need to cut back in the fall, leave for winter interest and seeds for birds.

Coreopsis: heat tolerant and comes in different shades of pretty blooms  yellow,orange ,pink and red. A plant it and forget it!

Iris: this perennial likes moist soil and are great near a water feature or wet area.Dividing helps to keep them blooming .

Hens and Chicks: one of the easiest plants and requires little water, lots of sun and can be used in rock gardens and containers.

Penstemon: this bright flower blooms early in the spring and continues until fall.Attracts hummingbirds as well.

Daylillies: another easy plant to grow and will spread to fill a space with striking flowers of numerous colours from spring to summer. Pull out flower stakes in the fall. Also classified as an edible flower, try it out sometime.

Hope these plants help you build a lovely low maintenance garden for you to enjoy. Happy Gardening

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