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Canada is home to many diverse and unusual plants. Some of which are very exotic-looking and hard to find. This is due to their diverse habitat requirements such as forests, woodlands, bogs and swamps.

We really do have some surprisingly Canadian Species.

First up, Fairy Slipper (Calyso bulbosa) is an exotic looking orchid with bright fushia-pink flowers and a pouch that resembles a slipper. It’s sweet smell attracts pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

The yellow ladys Slipper (Cypripedium parviflorum) has sunny bright yellow flowers and is one of the most desired hardy orchids. In the right growing conditions the inflated pouch can grow as big as an egg. Pretty Impressive. Unfortunately, it is one of the many species that are close to extinction.

The Jack in the Pulpit is found in the most eastern provinces and grows from corms/tubers or seed. Their name comes from their appearance that resembles a preacher standing in a pulpit. Canada Columbine is another gorgeous perennial with scarlet and yellow nodding flowers. Usually found in eastern woodlands and rocky areas, it attracts butterflies and is a great addition to any wildflower garden.

False Rue-Anemone (Enemonium biternatum) is a native to southwestern Ontario where I have found it growing in our local bush. It is in the buttercup family and produces multiple white flowers in the spring. It is also a threatened species, mostly due to human activity destroying its habitat. Lets not let these native gifts slip away. Enjoy our native plants and species but remember to respect their home when visiting.

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