Aug. 2012 I hate to say it, but summer will soon be winding down. This summer so far has certainly been a hot and dry one with record temperatures.  The bugs and weeds have had a heyday to say the least.  It’s amazing how early everything is this year.  Most grains have been harvested and the walnuts are huge and plentiful on the trees near my yard.  The squirrels are already lining up to harvest those.

The town’s flowerbeds look amazing. Our volunteers have outdone themselves this year.  We have been receiving lots of positive feedback about how nice they look. As you know there has been quite a lot of construction going on this summer. There have been massive flowerbeds added to the downtown area near the bridge which we will be planting and looking after.   Once the dust settles the downtown core is going to be absolutely beautiful.

Trillium Awards are a huge part of what our society is all about.  We strive to honour Dunnville’s citizens for their hard work making their homes and gardens beautiful.  These outstanding homes are also a reflection on Dunnville as well.  We will be presenting the Trillium Awards to the winners at our September 20th general meeting.  Please be sure to attend to congratulate the recipients.  Many of our present day members first came to a meeting because they won an award and ended up becoming a member, myself being one of them.

Our guest speaker for August is Koreen Di Fruiscio who will be talking to us about “Living & Gardening with Arthritis”.  Gardening with arthritis is a major challenge, as are most daily tasks when we live day to day with this affliction.

Don’t forget the photography contest which will be judged at the November general meeting.  There are 4 categories (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) and you can enter 1 photograph in each category.

Garden tip of the Month:  Fall Mums should be arriving at your local garden centre any time so plant now for a colourful autumn.  If you choose a hardy mum it should come back next year.  They are a little on the tender side so be sure to plant it in a protected area so it can survive winter.  This month is also ideal for dividing irises.  Irises are one of my favourite perennials.  Here’s a thought:  when you’re dividing them you can share them with your friends or pot them up for our plant sale in May as they will have no problem surviving the winter that way.

See you at the next general meeting.

Sue Mazi, DHS Secretary


Essential advice for the gardener: grow peas of mind, lettuce be thankful, squash selfishness, turnip to help thy neighbor, and always make thyme for loved ones. ~Author Unknown

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