August 2013 Hello everyone! I hope your summer has been going well.  June was particularly cool and wet, but July made up for it with the heat and humidity.  Just what we all wanted back in February, right?  I love summer. It’s good to be able to do things outside and it’s especially good to get away.  My husband and I just returned from a road trip to eastern Quebec and now with renewed energy are planning to tackle some more projects around the house.  That is after we pull the weeds that showed up in our garden while we were away.  The Niagara Fruit Belt has had a banner growing season this year and I can’t wait to get my hands on a bushel of peaches for canning.

Did you get to see our float in the Mudcat Parade?  With our own “Magilla Gorilla” on board we made a good impression on the spectators, especially the kids.  A huge thanks goes out to Allan and Gwen Vannatter for pulling our float with their beautiful antique tractor, and of course to Eric Hunter from Norm’s Water Haulage for loaning us his hay wagon.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with decorating the float and participating in the parade.  Hopefully next year we can see a larger number of members turn out.  Don’t be concerned if you don’t think you can’t walk the entire distance of the parade…there’s lots of room on the float.

The garden walk at Rosa Flora was a huge success with a record number of 50 members showing up for the tour.   Rosa Flora is absolutely amazing and it’s wonderful to get a behind the scenes look at its day to day operations.  Josh and Ralph were wonderful hosts and everyone had a great time.  Afterwards the BBQ at Rob and Lori’s house was fantastic. Rob manned the BBQ all evening and made sure everyone had lots to eat.  Then he changed hats and played guitar and sang for everyone.  He’s certainly a jack-of-all-trades!  He was so busy I don’t think he had time to feed himself.

The town flowerbeds are keeping the DHS very busy this year—we have over 30 different beds to take care of!

A special thank you goes out to our weeders who have taken on beds to look after for the entire summer:  Ian, Steve, Jenny, Kim, Debbie, Lucy, Doris, Betty, Lori, Rob, Marilyn, George, Shirley, Pam and a few anonymous weeders as well helping the others keep the weeds at bay.  Michael and Mary Konkle (Konkle Greenhouses) generously donated the annuals on planting day, and also took it upon themselves to plant the Hydro bed filling it with colourful leftover annuals.  Michael has been spotted in the wee hours weeding the bed too.  Thanks again Michael and Mary.

Our watering headaches have been solved.  Roger Egger from Egger Truck and Machine Ltd. has volunteered to take on the monumental task of watering all the beds with the help of his employee Charlie Hartzell who checks the beds regularly and waters when needed.  The Dunnville BIA offsets the costs (for wages only) as set by Mr. Egger.  Unfortunately, though, this wonderful partnership didn’t start until the second week of July so the BIA hanging baskets were lost due to lack of care.  You may have noticed that they have been taken down.  Next year will be a different story though, now that this issue has finally been sorted out.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the discussions and meetings that were necessary for resolving this issue, and especially to Mr. Egger for stepping up to help.

Have you seen the bird houses that have been hung behind the Floral clock?  They were made and donated by the Dunnville Secondary School students in the woodworking class.  They are so cute!  The students are so talented and we are so happy that we have been able to forge a partnership with them.

Trillium Awards are a huge part of what our society is all about and at the general meeting on August 15th we will be presenting the awards to the owners of the winning properties.  So many residents of Dunnville take impeccable care of their home and gardens.  By doing so it is a direct reflection on the town’s appearance and character.  Each year a team of judges descend on the town to scrutinize the nominated properties. We award a maximum of 15 residential Trillium awards and a maximum of 5 commercial awards.  Properties must score a minimum of 80 out of 100 points to qualify and each house is judged by three different judges.  Due to the fact that that I was on vacation at the end of July and didn’t get this newsletter ready for the first of the month for the website like usual, I have managed to procure a list of the winning addresses from the Trillium committee:

408 Ross Avenue, 420 Ross Avenue, 39 Oswego Park, 717 Cedar Street, 787 Marshall Road, 444 Broad Street W., 438 Broad Street W., 308 Alder Street E., 18 Meadowbrook Court, 10 Meadowbrook Court, 11 Maplewood Court, 22 Maplewood Court, 895 Robinson Road, 438 Robinson Road, 3 Johnson Road.  Commercial winners are the Potting Shed at 44 Regional Road 17, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall at 613 George Street.
Congratulations to our 2013 winners.  Your many hours of hard work do not go unnoticed.  Many of our present day members first came to a meeting because they were being presented an award and ended up joining the DHS, myself being one of them.

Don’t forget the photography contest that we are having. Categories are Spring, Winter, Summer and Fall.

Members can enter one photograph in each category and the subject must be horticulture.  Kids and animals can be in the photos but mustn’t be the focal point. Each photo must be 4 x 6. See webmaster and director Ian Steel if you have any questions about entering your pictures.  Don’t be don’t have to be an expert and the prizes are awesome.

We also need volunteers from our membership to help out with kitchen duties each month.  We need at least 3 volunteers to make some goodies and help with the tea and coffee.  Our directors and executive are so busy doing other things to organize and run the meeting that we need to turn to you for help. Please see Maura Cooper to sign up.  There are 8 meetings a year that need to be tended to and I know everyone looks forward to the goodies that are offered up each month.

Garden Tip of the Month:  Take a walk or a drive around town and check out all the beautiful properties that won a Trillium award this year.  You can get ideas for your own garden by looking around at all the beautiful homes and businesses in Dunnville.  Who knows…maybe next year you can be a winner!


Sue Mazi, DHS Corresponding Secretary.


Essential advice for the gardener: grow peas of mind, lettuce be thankful, squash selfishness, turnip to help thy neighbor, and always make thyme for loved ones. ~Author Unknown

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