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Debbie Thomas extended a warm welcome to a hearty crowd of 98 people—both regular attendees and guests.

Business was kept to a minimum with the following reports/updates:
Treasurer’s Report: 244 memberships sold prior to June’s program. We continue to experience good financial status with thanks to everyone including our partnerships with service/community groups.

Town Planting Day, May 28: thanks to 25 adults and 10 Jr. Gardeners who planted over 200 trays of annuals and 46 grasses in a record of 3 hours. 55 McDonalds coupons were dispersed, 35 given out on Planting Day and remainder to summer weeding volunteers. Thanks to McDonald’s Head Office for this donation.

Blooms & Bubbly Garden Tour: thanks to Beth Powell and Ken Sherwood for their kind donation of 2 tickets which were drawn by guest, Frank Kershaw later in our program from our sign-in sheet and awarded to Marie Bak and Ted Mulder.

Centennial Park Fountain: our partnership with Dunnville Christian School (DCS) continues to be strong with students raising $1000 thus far.

Members Only Garden Tour, July 10, 10am-4pm: directions and details are available to members’ homes showcasing 8 beautiful gardens. Please wear comfortable shoes. Ian S. will put information on DHS website. Kim C. will email members garden locations and directions for tour.

Haldimand Motors Great Tricycle Race, Fri. Sept. 9, 5:00 – 10:00 pm, confirmed participation for 2016. Western theme. DHS will receive $600 for participating with float/race. Any age for float, but must be 18 yrs. to ride trike. Anyone interested in helping may talk to Debbie T. or Deb Z.

DHS will be making a $100 donation to “Highway of Heros Planting Project” along the 401 to honor fallen heros. OHS will match donations up to $2500.

Haldimand County is doing an online survey on Haldimand’s Tree Canopy Strategy (a plan to be put into budgets). Everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas before June 23.

Thank you letter from Thompson Creek Community Garden for our donation of plants. Several DHS members help with this. $10 to rent your own garden plot.

Thanks and recognition of Brant Richardson and Michelle Zynomirski, our high school volunteers for their excellent contribution to DHS. Both exceeded their 40 hours. They will enjoy a gift certificate compliments of Sub Venture and Super Video.

Thanks and recognition of Russ Savage for his generous landscape contributions. Last year he refurbished Muddy; this year he provided design, labour, and materials for the East and West sign gardens. Russ and his wife were presented with 2 tickets to the bus trip, Aug. 13.

Summer Horticultural and Winery Bus Tour, Aug. 13. Now sold out!

Thanks to snack volunteers: Pauline Bradford, Gloria Hunter, Pamela Blanchard, Carol Mulder, Marie Bak, Deb Zynomirski. More volunteers are needed for Sept. and Oct. Please contact Gloria Hunter by email or phone if you can help out.

Refreshment Break: was announced with time for ticket purchases.

7:40pm Call back and introduction of our guest speaker, Frank Kershaw, “Recyled and Repurposed Garden Art.” Frank is an avid photographer, writer, professor of Garden Design, member of TBG, and sought-after speaker. Frank shared many interesting photos of garden art with an interesting commentary that inspired all of us to recycle and repurpose. He also donated plants for those who were interested. Please check out his gardening newsletter on this topic at: http://www.leevalley.com/en/newsletters/Gardening/8/6/newsletter.htm

Debbie Thomas thanked Frank K. Pauline B. announced the following winners of our Flower and Vegetable Show: JR. GARDENERS small planted containers-Alicia Stavinga (1), Attika Schaffner (2); a face in flowers-Alicia Stavinga (1), Attika Schaffner (2); A bouqet of flowers- Emi Sullivan (1), Attika Schaffner (2), Alicia Stavinga (3). ADULTS thing of beauty-Sandi Marr (1) Margaret Bottrell (2), Marilyn Stavinga (3); Tasty Treat- Pauline Bradford (1), Sandi Marr (2), Margaret Bottrell (3); Lets Go Wild- largest hat Sandi Marr, Prettiest hat Marilyn Stavinga, Silliest hat Gwen VanNatter. Special thanks to our judges: Joan King, Mary Fretz, Denise Richardson.

Ways & Means winners were announced and everyone was dismissed with a special thanks to all who made this evening possible.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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