Sept. 2015

President Debbie Thomas welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 7:15 p.m. She welcomed the Trillium Award winners who attended tonight, and thanked everyone who entered the Junior Gardener and Regular flower show.

There were 100 people signed in! This is a new society record.

In order to keep the business part of the meeting to a minimum most everything that Debbie wanted to talk about was covered in the September newsletter. She asked that everyone please read the newsletter and she would answer any questions. The newsletter will be attached to these minutes as a permanent record. Debbie informed everyone that we are looking for some fresh faces on the board of directors. There were some forms available for anyone who was interested. She asked the membership if anyone would be interested in being our permanent recording secretary. Confirmed executive for 2016 is Debbie Thomas: President, Deb Zynomirski: Vice-President, Sue Mazi: Corresponding Secretary, Kim Christoff: Treasurer.

The Trillium Awards were handed out. All of our local papers were represented at the meeting and lots of pictures were taken. Thank you to Lindy’s Flowers for the beautiful roses that were given to each recipient. This year there were 59 houses nominated and 11 businesses. That is a record for the DHS as well. Photos of this year’s winners have been mounted on the wall at the Optimist Hall. Thank you to Councillor Bernie Corbett for speaking to our group at the end of the presentations. He congratulated everyone for their hard work and achievements, including the DHS.

We received a certificate of recognition and thanks from the Chamber of Commerce for our hard work.

The society’s trophies were on display this evening. Thank you to Mary Lou and Geoff Johnson for their hard work in polishing them-they looked beautiful.

After a short break, Debbie introduced our guest speaker, Sandra Marr. She demonstrated how to decorate for fall, using willow wreaths, tall grasses and sumac and ribbon.

Pauline Bradford welcomed the Junior Gardeners and announced their placings in the flower/veggie show. Their awards will be presented at the November general meeting. She then announced the winners of the Senior Flower & Veggie show.

The results are as follows:

Junior Gardener’s Club:

Strangest Shaped Vegetable Category:
1st – Landon Lucas
2nd – Alicia Stavinga
3rd – Kaedance Poyton

Flowers in a Bowl Category:
1st – Alicia Stavinga
2nd – Kaedance Poyton
Largest Sunflower Head Category:
1st – Alicia Stavinga
2nd – Kaedance Poyton
3rd – Christina Lucas

Dunnville Horticultural Society
2015 Fun Flower and Vegetable Show Winners

1st – Marilyn Stavinga
2nd – Jan & Regina Loots
1st – Cindy Huitema
2nd – Joan King
3rd – Gwen Van Natter
1st – Gloria Hunter
Largest Tomato:
1st – Jan & Regina Loots
Smallest Carrot:
1st – Nick Huitema
2nd – Cindy Huitema
3rd – Jan & Regina Loots
Unusual Vegetable:
1st – Joan King
Pretty Things in Small Packages:
1st – Cindy Huitema
Now How’s That!:
1st – Jan & Regina Loots
A Tisket a Tasket Flowers in a Basket:
1st – Gwen Van Natter
2nd – Mary-Lou Johnston
A Quick Snack:
1st – Jan & Regina Loots
Thyme in a Bottle:
1st – Marilyn Stavinga
2nd – Jan & Regina Loots
Judges: Marg Bottrell, Beth Powell and Pauline Bradford.
Thank you very much to all of our judges for this evening.

Judy Jeffery kindly donated some beautiful mums for door prizes and Lindy’s Flowers donated beautiful bouquets of roses. Winners were drawn from the sign in list. The roses went to Clara Draaistra, Don Zynomirski, Marilyn Kindy, Alisha Stavinga and Florence Zynomirski. The mums went to Robert Marr, Peter Zynomirski and Nick Huitema. Debbie closed the evening by thanking everyone for coming. Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Thank you to Pat Henderson, Rosemarie Bosak, Helen Edl, Jenny Elgersma, Pauline Bradford and Gloria Hunter for supplying the delicious snacks for the evening and to Pazzo’s Pizza for donating 5 pizzas.

Ways and Means prizes were called. Thank you to Betty Ballanger and Gwen VanNatter for their hard work and of course, thank you to everyone who donated to the W & M. We raised $121.40. Excellent!

There is also a sweater and a casserole dish in our lost and found should anyone be missing one of these items.

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