Nov. 2015

Our energetic President, Debbie Thomas opened our annual Christmas celebration and General Meeting with a warm welcome to all members, families of members, and guests. Following the singing of “O Canada” Geoff and Mary Lou Johnston led us in grace for the meal with a Latin hymn. Karen Waltham, a long standing member led the way as we all enjoyed an abundant spread of potluck foods. Everyone outdid themselves once again with food contributions. Thanks to the Optimist Hall Ladies who looked after the kitchen so those who usually work in the kitchen could be guests.

103 people signed in. Penny Sale tickets were available at 10/$5.00 with many generous donations from local businesses. Early memberships for 2016 were on sale. Food donations were received for the Salvation Army Food Drive. Photos were entered into the 4 season photo contest.

With a little musical coaxing, our surprise visitor arrived from the North Pole. Santa wished all a Merry Christmas. Deb Zynomirski treated us to the “Sounds of Christmas” with a beautiful solo and Christmas carolling. With warm hearts and full tummies we moved into our General Meeting.

Our Junior Gardeners were recognized for their participation and hard work with awards presented by Judy Jeffery and Marg Bottrell. Best Garden: 1st Alicia Stavinga, 2nd Emily Iconomopulos, 3rd Landon and Christina Lucas. Grand Achievement: Alicia Stavinga. All other members received a certificate of participation and ribbon “I tried my best.” Congratulations to our young gardeners and thanks to their supportive parents.

“The Light Up Design Award” was presented to Marilyn Stavinga for her creativity and excellent design. Thanks to the other 8 submissions. This great display will be ready to view Sat. December 5 in Wingfield Park, during Dunnville Chamber of Commerce “Light Up Night Celebration” and continuing through until January 1st. Be sure to stop by.

Debbie Thomas asked for a motion to accept the November 2014 AGM Minutes. Motion made by Kim Christoff and seconded by Maura Cooper. Carried.

Kim Christoff reviewed the financial report for 2015. Thanks was expressed to Barb Whyte and Joan King, 2015 financial reviewers. Kim made a motion to pass the minutes, financial report and to accept Joan King and Lorraine Stevens as financial reviews for 2016. Motion made by Gwen VanNatter and seconded by Karen Waltham. Carried.

Debbie Thomas highlighted our terrific year and commended each person who contributes to DHS in a unique way. Together we keep our society strong as we move ahead into the future. The current and new directors were introduced. OHA District 9 official Sue Lusted swore in the new and incumbent executive and directors for 2016: Executive 2016: Debbie Thomas (President), Deb Zynomirski (Vice-president), Sue Mazi (Corresponding Secretary), Sandi Marr (Recording Secretary), Kim Christoff (Treasurer). 2016 Directors: Pauline Bradford, Betty Ballanger, Gloria Hunter, Ian Steel, Mary Lou Johnston, Judy Jeffery, Maura Cooper, Marilyn Stavinga, Marg Bottrell, Wray McLean. Motion to accept made by Karen Waltham and Gwen VanNatter. Motion seconded and passed.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place photography contest winners were announced by Ian Steel. Summer: Bruce Burton, Miranda Bucsis, Ian Steel. Fall: Miranda Bucsis, Lester Fretz, Gwen VanNatter. Spring: Miranda Bucsis, J. King, Bruce Burton. Winter: Jackie Bucsis, Bruce Burton, Miranda Bucsis. Thanks to all who contributed and shared their love for photography and nature.

Maura Cooper circulated a sign up sheet for 2016 snack volunteers, an important part of our monthly meeting.

The many Penny Sale winners were announced: Alicia S, Pamela B, Sharon S, Sam V, Florence Z, Bruce B, Betty C, Brant R, Miranda B, Brant R, Deb Z, Siebels, Debbie T, Ray M, Reg W, Joan K, Pauline B, Beth P, Laura G, Deb Z, Mary V, Valerie, Ellen G, Gerda S, Gloria H, Marilyn S, Maura C, Judy J, Siebels, Glen L, Ellen G, Sue L, Gerda S, Rose Marie, Inez H, Valerie, Siebels, Valerie, Maura C, Dorothy M, Debbie T, Ray M, Valerie, Don Z.
Appreciation was offered to our generous sponsors for Penny Sale donations totalling $465. Debbie reminded everyone to remember our local businesses that support us during the year and support them by shopping local whenever possible. DHS members were thanked for their financial support throughout the year.

40 poinsettias were raffled off as “door prizes.” The evening concluded with a heartfelt thank you to our many volunteers who make DHS a continued success. Our meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

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