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Debbie Thomas called our meeting to order and welcomed guests, as well as new and old members. A 2016 record of 108 people signed in. Housekeeping details were highlighted including Emergency exits, Sign-in Sheet, Washrooms, Refreshments, Agenda/newsletter, Ways & Means, and Plant Sales at end of program. Several changes were noted such as our new location for Ways & Means, 2 food tables, and recylcable name tags.

Business was kept to a minimum with the following reports/updates: Treasurer’s Report: an update will be shared next month. Overall, we are in excellent financial shape thanks to everyone including our partnerships with service/community groups.

May 14 Plant Sale: in spite of the weather, we raised almost $2000. Thanks to everyone who donated plants, volunteered, and came out and bought.

Jr. Gardeners: to date we have 21 children signed up. They will be doing a fundraiser with Vesey Bulbs with 50 % profit back to DHS. Catalogues are available for orders which will be received up until/at our Sept. meeting. Margaret Bottrell is the contact person for this fundraiser.

Fountain project, East and West signs gardens: in the works with more information coming soon.

July 10 Garden Tour: members’ homes showcasing beautiful gardens in rural settings. Details of the specific locations and homeowners will be revealed next month. If you wish to bring a non-member, they are more than welcome. They will be asked to purchase a membership at the first garden they visit.

Dunnville Downtown: we have 10 new pots and inserts for a total off 22. Thanks to the Dunnville Business Improvement Association. Inserts were designed and planted by Mallord Farms.

Planting Day, 8am-noon, May 28: everyone is encouraged to help. “The more hands the faster the work.” Bring a garden trowel and gloves. Families are welcome. Meet at the bridge parking lot.

Weeding: if you are available, please see Debbie to sign up.

June Flower Show for Jr. Gardeners and Adults: class lists are on our website and will be sent out via email.

Thanks to snack volunteers: Jenny Elgersma, Sandra Gill, Marilyn Stavinga, Dorothy Minor and Carol Mulder. One more volunteer for June is needed. Please contact Bev McLean, snack co-ordinator.

Deb Zynomirski gave an update on the Aug. 13 “Summer Horticultural and Winery Bus Tour” for members. Tickets are still available for $50/person. We will begin at the Niagara College School of Horticulture along scenic Niagara Parkway and then visit 3 different wineries including: Reif Winery (sensory garden), Southbrook Winery (environmental/organic approach), and Konzelman Winery (along shores of Lake Ontario). A Sommelier will join us for the day. Again, members are welcome to bring non-members. They will be asked to purchase a membership.

Refreshment Break: was announced with time for ticket purchases.

7:40pm Call back and introduction of our guest speaker, Lester Fretz, “Backyard Greenhouses.” Lester is a returning favourite. His humorous stories and wealth of gardening experience is always appreciated. Lester presented a power-point on the diversity of backyard greenhouses in the Niagara region. Everyone was inspired with the many values and types of backyard greenhouses. It is not surprising, Lester now sees backyard greenhouses wherever he looks!

After a brief question and answer period, Debbie Thomas thanked Lester and offered a few closing remarks. Our Annual Rose Draw was conducted and 10 rose bushes were given away to members who had signed in.

Everyone was dismissed. Ways and Means winners were announced. Remaining plants from our plant sale were available for $1-$2. Everyone left with a lovely bouquet of tulips, thanks the generous donation from Niagara Tulips. Our Treasurer, Kim Christoff, a employee at Niagara Tulips secured this donation for DHS. Thank you Kim.

Thanks to all for their great support: raised this evening $94 Ways and Means, $63.95 Kitchen Tips, and $94 Plant Sale.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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