Nov. 2014

Meeting was opened at 6:20 p.m. by President Lori Maracle, with a warm welcome.

Geoff Johnston said grace and he and Mary Lou sang a Latin hymn.

Dinner was served and dinner was fabulous. Thank you to everyone who donated food. Thank you to the Optimist Hall ladies who looked after the kitchen for us so that Maura, Pauline and the rest of the executive could enjoy dinner.

There were 76 people signed in.

Penny Sale tickets were available @ 10/$5.00

“Recipe of Christmas” was read by Lori Maracle.

Maura Cooper asked for volunteers for kitchen help in the New Year.

Sue Mazi asked for a motion to be made to have the AGM minutes from November 2013 accepted as read. Pauline Bradford made the motion and Barb Whyte seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Kim Christoff reviewed the financial reports for 2014. Cindy Huitema and Barb Whyte audited the books again this year. A few minor errors were found and fixed. The income/expense report for 2014 was explained. Kim asked for a motion to be made to accept our 2014 financial reports. Rob Maracle made the motion and Barb Whyte seconded. Motion was passed. Two auditors will be needed for next year. Barb Whyte and Joan King have volunteered for 2015. Thank you ladies.

Our outgoing President Lori Maracle highlights our many achievements for 2014.

OHA District 9 official Lisa DeYoung swore in the new and incumbent executive and directors for 2015.

Your executive for 2015 is Debbie Thomas (President), Deb Zynomirski (Vice-president), Sue Mazi (Secretary), and Kim Christoff (Treasurer). Your directors are Pauline Bradford, Betty Ballanger, Gloria Hunter, Ian Steel, Mary Lou Johnston, Maura Cooper, and Marilyn Stavinga.

Our new President Debbie Thomas spoke about our plans for 2015 and after a short refreshment break she introduced our guest speaker, Sandra Marr. Sandra spoke about and demonstrated how to create “festive porch pots”. She made it look so easy! She also graciously donated the one she created as a door prize.

The photography contest winners were announced. Miranda Bucsis won Winter, Spring and Summer. Brenda Pittaway won the Fall category.

The Penny Sale winners were announced. They were as follows: Petra Kruis-Daly, Rob Maracle, Alicia Stavinga, Marilyn Stavinga, Gwen VanNatter, Jenny Elgersma, Jackie Bucsis, Sue Mazi, Kim Christoff, Mary Lou Johnston, Lisa DeYoung, Cindy Huitema, Brenda Pittaway, Wray Minor, Helen Edl, Don Davis, Mary VanOosten, Deb Zynomirski, Kirsten Asher, Dorothy Minor, Glen Love, Pauline Bradford, and Doris Thomson.

Thank you so much to our generous sponsors for donating the penny sale prizes, and for your financial support throughout the year. Without your support our society wouldn’t be the strong society that it is today.

Thank you also to our many volunteers. Without your support the Dunnville Horticultural Society would cease to exist.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m

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