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Meeting was opened by new President Debbie Thomas at 7:12 p.m., after which she introduced the executive, directors, and student volunteers for 2015 to the members. Our student volunteers for this year are Aidan Thomas, Ethan Thomas, and Michelle Zynomirski.

Debbie went over the survey results that were gathered in November and December. One thing that stood out was that most of them said that the fellowship, friendliness, and comradery were a big reason that people like to belong to the DHS and attend meetings.

Debbie spoke about the changes that were made to Light Up Night in December. The BIA, Chamber of Commerce and the DHS worked together as a team. Some of our members (Gloria Hunter, Kim Christoff, Brenda Pittaway, Rob and Lori Maracle) made bows for decorating. The Chamber needed help picking up bows and delivering them to their destinations. Maureen Jones helped with her truck. Light Up Night was a huge success. Thank you to all.

Our sign in sheet for 2015 has changed a little. There has been a column added for visitors to check off so we know that they are in fact a guest.

Secretary Sue Mazi explained that minutes no longer need to be voted on at each meeting. If the members vote on something then the minutes will be reviewed the next month and voted on. We will continue to record, email, and post them on the website and bulletin board at meetings.

Treasurer’s reports will be reviewed each month as we have been doing. We did not review much of the Treasurer’s report tonight because Treasurer Kim Christoff was not present. Debbie did discuss the $610.00 that we received as donations on behalf of the request of Brenda Case. Brenda was not member but wanted to join after retirement. She passed away in September and her family asked that instead of flowers to donate to the DHS. Tax receipts and thank you cards were issued to the 17 people who donated to us. We’re not exactly sure how to use this money yet. If anyone has any suggestions please let the executive know.

5 year membership pins were awarded by Sue Mazi, Debbie Thomas and Vice-president Deb Zynomirski. Pins were awarded to Kirstin Asher, Betty Ballanger, Pam Blanchard, Pauline Bradford, Kim Christoff, Betty Clark, Maura Cooper, Barb Davis, Don Davis, Aditza De Bly, Helen Edl, Dianne Foster, Mary Lou Johnston, Judy Jeffery, Jan Loots, Regina Loots, Lori Maracle, Rob Maracle, Sue Mazi, Connie McKay, Mary McKinney, Ian Steel, Gwen VanNatter, Mary VanOosten, Marge Visser, Sam Visser, and Barb Whyte.

Debbie reminded members to be sure to purchase their 2015 memberships in time for the Early Bird draw at next month’s general meeting. Fees will remain the same again this year: $10 for single and $15 for couple.

At 7:52 after a fifteen minute break our Panel of Experts took to the stage: Judy Jeffery, Pauline Bradford, Marlene Link and Mary Fretz. Each of the ladies introduced themselves and answered numerous questions from the membership. Thank you for sharing your gardening expertise!

Our next meeting will be February 19th here at the Optimist Hall at 7:00 p.m. Our guest speaker will be Paul Boland from the Potting Shed to discuss water gardens and ponds.

Goodies this evening were provided by Marilyn Stavinga, Bev McLean, Gloria Hunter, and Mary Fretz.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:41 p.m. and the Ways & Means winners were called. We raised $51.00. Thank you to Betty Ballanger and Gwen VanNatter for doing a great job as usual.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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