Thursday, March 16, 2017

63 people signed in for our March program night. Debbie Thomas welcomed visitors and regular attendees. Housekeeping details were highlighted. Thanks was expressed to the Optimist Club volunteers and DHS Board of Directors for painting our meeting area.

Updates were provided by Debbie Thomas and Deb Zynomirski. The back wall displays our monthly Treasurer’s Report, Sponsor/Donor List, Program Minutes, and District 9 Events. Minutes are printed on the back of our Agendas as well as emailed (blind copied) to members by Kim Christoff, Treasurer. Members’ email addresses are not shared with other parties.

Mayor’s Gala, May 27 is an opportunity for DHS to receive approx. $10,000. Volunteers are needed to help with this gala event. We are welcome to attend the event, as well.

Centennial Park Fountain (CPF) update: fundraising initiatives and planned activities include April 29 Kick-off CPark, Sept. 23 CPF Rededication. Deposits have been made for contracted work. We are moving ahead with this exciting initiative! Thanks was expressed to Debbie Thomas for all of her work with our largest DHS undertaking thus far. This restoration project is estimated to cost close to $29,000.

Our new partnership with the 4-H Club has led to 11 new junior gardeners from 4-H. They will help with our planting and clean up days, as well as participate in other planned activities.

2017 volunteer opportunities were highlighted with an invitation to sign up with Debbie and Deb during breaktime. There are opportunities for those who may not be able to “get down on their hands and knees” to volunteer in other ways with DHS. Everyone’s help is appreciated.

Deb Z. announced our new fundraising venture with Haldimand Press (HP). Members of DHS are invited to subscribe to HP who will in turn make a donation back to DHS. For example, 1YR costs $55/$10. back to DHS, 2YR. costs $108/$17.50 back to DHS; 3YR costs $156/$30.back to DHS. This is a great local newspaper and DHS members, Lester Fretz and Marlene Link are contributors to this newspaper. Consider a new subscription or a renewal. You may talk to Deb Z. or Debbie T. to support this “win/win” venture with HP.

Tonight’s refreshment volunteers were thanked: Lorraine S., Sherry S., Denise R., Alicia & Marilyn S., and Gloria H. Refreshment volunteers for April’s program night were invited. Refreshments are a highlight of our monthly gatherings. Thanks to everyone who helps out.

Thanks was expressed to our excellent Board of Directors who work hard together behind the scenes and in between program nights.

Breaktime was announced with time to sign up for volunteering, purchase memberships, Ways & Means tickets, and HP subscriptions.

Karen Buschert was announced from the Grand River Conservation Authority. She presented an informative PowerPoint on “Trees and Bees” with time for questions and answers. Handouts were also made available. More information at:  https://www.grandriver.ca/en/our-watershed/Our-Watershed.aspx

Closing remarks were offered. Ways & Means were announced by Betty Ballanger and Gwen VanNatter raising $59.00. Thanks to all who brought recycled items. Kitchen donations were $43.90. 6 DHS memberships were sold and 2 Haldimand Press memberships were sold.

Everyone was dismissed. Thanks to all who volunteered to make tonight’s evening an enjoyable time. Our next program is April 20.

Sandi Marr, DHS Secretary

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