Thursday, April 20, 2017

67 people signed in for our April program night. Debbie Thomas welcomed visitors and regular attendees. Housekeeping details were highlighted.
Updates were provided by Debbie Thomas, Sandi Marr, and Deb Zynomirski.

Our DHS brochure has been updated with changes to June and October events. Our June program night will be held at GrandErie Garden Centre featuring Mark Cullen, speaker. GrandErie Garden Centre is donating monies received that evening back to DHS.

Our website (www.dunnvillehortandgardenclub.org) and Facebook page provide valuable information including a new “GIVING” feature for charitable donations on our website. In the last 20 days, we had close to 1300 visits on our website. Be sure to visit us on social media.

Upcoming is our Annual Dunnville Lions Home, Garden, and Craft Show held on April 21-22. Thanks to our volunteers and presenters. This is always a great time to meet people, promote our wonderful club, and welcome new memberships. Mini-demos will be offered by Marlene Link, Lester Fretz, and Sandi Marr.

Centennial Park Fountain (CPF) kick-off update: April 29, 11am-1pm. Meet and greet community project partners. We are moving ahead with this exciting initiative. All ongoing fundraising goes to this project.

Plant Sale, May 13, 7am-noon, at 111 Broad St. E. Plant donations are invited May 12, evening, at same location. Garden art items along with plants are welcome but no magazines or books. Recycled pots are available after our program (outside entrance to our Optimist Hall.) Thanks to all who are preparing plant donations for out biggest yearly fundraiser.

Membership discounts are available at various garden centres. Please take your membership card with you when you shop. Sponsors are listed on our website. All paid up members and new members will receive a coupon for garden gloves from GrandErie Garden Centre (Home Hardware) instead of membership discounts for this year. GrandErie will be giving DHS discount on purchases and holding fundraiser events/giving donations to DHS.

June 24 DHS membership garden tours cancelled for this year due to lack of volunteered gardens. However, everyone is invited to attend the “Blooms and Bubbly” garden tours, $12/tickets available at: The Garden Gallery (1051 Broad St. E.), & Senior Support Office (657 Lock St. W.)
Ticket price includes garden tours and light snacks at the Garden Gallery. Sponsored by Senior Support Services (905)774-3005.

Volunteer opportunities for 2017 were highlighted including the care of 23 townbeds. Please volunteer as you are able. Speak with Deb or Debbie if you are willing to assist in some capacity. “Many hands make light work.”

Haldimand Press newspaper subscriptions will be available at breaktime and ongoing. This is a beneficial fundraiser for DHS.

Tonight’s refreshment volunteers were thanked: Agnes W., Beth P., Petra K-D., Bev M., & Ellen. Refreshments for May’s program night will be provided by: Joan K., Sharon, Evelyn, & Kathy. Thanks to everyone who helps out. Refreshments are a highlight of our monthly gatherings.

Breaktime was announced with time to sign up for volunteering, purchase memberships, Ways & Means tickets, and HP subscriptions (both new subscriptions and renewals can be done through DHS).

Deb introduced guest Jeff Ronhaar, from Jeff’s Lawn Care, Binbrook. Mike Lessard was also welcomed. Jeff shared his passion for the outdoors and presented an informative overview of quality lawn care with time for questions and answers.

Closing remarks were offered with an invitation to observe Earth Day, Sat. April 22. Ways & Means winners were announced by Betty Ballanger and Gwen VanNatter raising $65.00. Thanks to all who brought recycled items. Kitchen donations were $63.15. 10 DHS memberships were sold. 3 subscriptions to the Haldimand Press were sold. A $200. donation from Velma Shirton was received. $6.20 was donated from Gwen V. (picking up bottles from the gardens).

Everyone was dismissed with a grateful thanks to all who made this evening an enjoyable time. Our next program night is May 18 with guest speaker Christian Corbet, artist. Christian is restoring the friezes at Centennial Park Fountain. He will talk about his mentor Dr. Elizabeth Holbrook.

Sandi Marr, DHS Secretary

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