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Program Night Minutes

Oct. 20, 2016

Our October program night began with a full house of 105 people including some junior gardeners and their families. President Debbie Thomas warmly welcomed everyone, members and guests. Treasurer’s report and September minutes were posted on the bulletin board.

A special welcome was extended to Mason Zynomirski, our newest student recruit from Dunnville Secondary School. Mason has committed to earn his 40 hours community service with DHS as he joins us with tech support. Welcome Mason!

Updates included:
Huge win at Haldimand County Recognition Night (HCRN). DHS received the “Community Project Award under $10,000.000 for decorative edging and plantings around East and West Dunnville signs and Muddy the Mudcat. Thank you to Russ Savage and George Byleveld for excellent work on these projects. Thanks to the Rotary Club for their funds along with HC for this project. We also recognize and thank Grand Country Garden Centre (Garden Gallery), McKay’s Tree and Stump Removal, and Haldimand County for donation of mulch.

Congrats also to: Steve Elgersma (volunteer nomination) and Michelle Zynomirski and Brant Richardson (youth volunteer nomination) at Haldimand County Recognition Night. We are very proud of our DHS volunteers. Appreciation was expressed to all.

New Business:
Oct. 22 is our “fall clean up” day. We’ll meet at the bridge/condo parking lot at 9am and concentrating on removing annuals. Mike Lessard of “Jeff’s Lawn Care” will join us with his trailer for hauling our plant debris. Many hands make light work!

Oct. 26 is our “fall bulb planting” day. Again, we’ll meet at the bridge/condo parking lot at 9am to plant fall bulbs, including our special “Canada 150” tulips. Bring a trowel, gloves, and knee pads. Come and help as you are able.

Nov. 5 is our “decorate winter planters” day. We’ll gather at the fountain at 10am. This year we have 24 planters to fill so volunteers are welcomed. If you are able to help, please bring your pruners, gloves, and any items you might have such as birch, curly willow, hydrangea, evergreens, etc.

Nov. 11 is the “Remembrance Day” ceremony. Meet at the Cenotaph at 10:30am for 11am laying the wreath. Thanks to Wray McLean for volunteering to represent DHS.

Call for new Directors: we welcome anyone interested to join our board. DHS board is a great place to share your gifts and passion for gardening. New volunteers bring fresh ideas and vision. Please speak with Debbie Thomas or Deb Zynomirski if you are interested. Installation of board members occurs at our upcoming Nov. program meeting.

Flower, Vegetable and Pumpkin Show: jr. gardener winners were presented.
Largest Sunflower Head: 1st prize – Brennen Dorland, 2nd prize – Alicia Stavinga, 3rd prize –  Ethan Dorland
Vegetable Animals: 1st prize – Alicia Stavinga, 2nd prize – Braydon Mellic, 3rd prize –  Christina Lucas
Scarecrow: 1st prize – Alicia Stavinga. Thanks to our judges: Denise Richardson, Marlene Link, and Pauline Bradford.

2016 Survey was distributed. Everyone was encouraged to offer feedback. Next month, those who submitted a survey will be entered in a draw. We value everyones’ comments and suggestions as we move forward into 2017.

Refreshment break was announced with appreciation to our volunteers. Tonight’s snack was provided by: Barb Whyte, Lynn Loney, Petra Kruis Daly, Carol Mulder, Susan Milligan, Kim Christoff and Marlene Link. Refreshments are a highlight of our program night. Special thanks to Wray and Bev McLean for arriving early and organizing our monthly snacks. Please speak to Bev if you are interested in providing refreshments in 2017.

Our guest speaker, Jeff Bokma, General Manager of Vermeers, Welland was introduced. Jeff is a returning favourite at DHS. He has been employed at Vermeers for over 20 years and indoor/outdoor plants are truly his passion. Jeff presented a very informative and interesting powerpoint on “Houseplants 101” and answered many questions related to the care of houseplants. He brought along some unique plants for us to become acquainted with. We were honoured to have Jeff back with us again.

Flower, Vegetable and Pumpkin Show winners in the adult categories were announced. Thanks to everyone who participated and to Pauline Bradford for organizing this event.
Annuals – 1st Prize – Lester Fretz, 2nd Prize – Petra Cruz Daly, 3rd Prize  – Petra Cruz Daly
Perennials  – 1st Prize – Deb Zynomirski, 2nd Prize – Petra Cruz Daly, 3rd Prize – Denise Richardson
Roses –  1st Prize – Lester Fretz, 2nd Prize – Kim Christoff, 3rd Prize –  Sandra Gill
Largest Root Veg –  1st Prize – Lester Fretz, 2nd Prize – Marilyn Stavinga, 3rd Prize – Jan Loots
Largest Tomato –  1st Prize –  Lester Fretz
Most Unusual Veg – 1st Prize – Jan Loots, 2nd Prize – Denise Richardson, 3rd Prize – Brant Richardson
Cute Critters  –  1st Prize – Gloria Hunter, 2nd Prize – Denise Richardson
How’s That – 1st Prize – Gloria Hunter, 2nd Prize – Kim Christoff, 3rd Prize – Jan Loots
Pumpkin Carving –  Most Gruesome – Brant Richardson, Funniest – Bruce Burton, Meanest – Marilyn Stavinga, Scariest –  Bruce Burton.

Next month is our AGM/Christmas Potluck and we will gather at 6pm. It will be a full evening with food, fellowship, AGM, Jr. Gardeners Award Night, Christmas Potluck Celebration, Penny Sale, 4-Seasons Garden Photo Contest, and our Food Drive for the Salvation Army. Speaking on “The right food for the right bird at the right time” will be Gary Cartlidge, Armstrong Milling, Dunnville. There will be no Ways and Means.

Ways and Means winners were also called and many recycled garden treasures were claimed by our winners.  Thanks to everyone who attended, first-timers and regular attendees. Finally, a big thanks to everyone who pitched in to make tonight’s program such a success. Every hand helps! Be sure to check our website for regular updates between programs at: www.dunnvillehortandgardenclub.org.

Sandi Marr, DHS Recording Secretary


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