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Our February Program evening was opened by Debbie Thomas at 7:04 pm. Members and guests were warmly welcomed on a cold, wintery night. 54 people signed in.

The passing of longtime DHS member, Maura Cooper was recognized. She coordinated our kitchen and refreshments with great commitment. Debbie read a message from her family expressing thanks to DHS for being a huge part of Maura’s life. Tonight’s meeting was dedicated to Maura. Maura will be greatly missed.

As promised, our business portion will be kept to a minimum at our Monthly Program nights. Newsletters and bulletins will be sent out via email. Our website is also filled with information. For those without internet, Betty B. will continue to call. The Treasurers Report and Program Minutes will be posted on our Bulletin Board. Agendas also contain Newsletter information on the back.

Quint Night was held Feb 17th. Dunnville’s Service Clubs presented their work. DHS was invited for the 3rd time. DHS was well represented with Debbie T., Deb Z., Gloria H., Marilyn S., Wray M., Rob and Sandi M. attending. Debbie spoke on our behalf about the work of DHS.

Tonight’s trivia question: why is the evening called “Quint?”  Don Z. answered correctly: “5 Service Clubs” and he won a gift certificate to AW.

Sign up sheets were circulated for upcoming events. Each event was highlighted and members were invited to volunteer as they have interest: garden tours, Lions Home and Garden show, plant sale, planting day, annual bed clean up, decorating town pots for Christmas, and weeding.

Youth from Dunnville Secondary School are invited to obtain Community Service Hours by volunteering with DHS. One Bursary may be awarded to a qualifying DSS student (one of the criteria is 10 hours volunteering with DHS, along with pursuit of Horticultural studies).

Kim C. is updating our membership lists. Please pass along your information to Kim specifically what year you became a member.

The photo and description of “Witches Broom” was shared with thanks to Marlene L. This is located at Grandview Lodge by Maple Grove entrance for those who wish to view it out in person. Feel free to let us know about unusual items in the future that are of interest to members.

Everyone was invited to share their ideas in the “Suggestion book” located by the Ways & Means table.

Snack volunteers were invited for Sept. and October and asked to record their names in our “Refreshment book.” Bev M. will be stepping in to help with the kitchen in Maura’s absense. Thanks to Bev M. and all who provide refreshments. Tonight’s snack was graciously provided by Petra Kruis Daley, Clara Draaistra, Doreen Love, and Marilyn Stavinga.

District 9 is hosting a bus trip to Canada Blooms on March 16. We are welcome to join. See Debbie for details (cost, time, etc.) if you are interested. Bus leaves from St. Catharines.

Breaktime was announced. Early bird memberships were available.

Our program resumed at 7:40pm. Our guest speaker was introduced: Theresa Forte (writer, photographer, and speaker) from Niagara Falls.  Topic: “If You Plant It, They Will Come: Bees, Butterflies, Birds.” She spoke about naturalizing our gardens to attract bees, butterflies and birds. Her photography skills were evident along with her passion for gardening. She generously donated one of her matted photographs which was won by Peter Z.

At 8:45 pm our evening concluded with our Early Bird Draw. A $25 gift certificate was provided by Hauser’s Pharmacy.

Everyone was invited to return on March 17 to hear guest Adam Koziol from Earthgen, Dunnville speaking on “Native Tree Plantings with Fast Results.”

Ways & Means raised $57 and winners were announced. Beverage donations were $34. Everyone was dismissed with wishes for safe travels until we gather again.

Sandi Marr, DHS Recording Secretary[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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