THURSDAY MAY 19TH, 2011, 7 p.m.
MEETING CALLED TO ORDER by Kim Christoff at 7:15 p.m. There were 51 members present

READING OF APRIL’S MINUTES was done by Kim Christoff. Hellen Edyl made the motion to have the minutes accepted as read. Seconded by Ian Steel. Motion was passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT FOR APRIL was read by Kim Christoff. Copy attached. Motion made by Pauline Bradford to have this report accepted as read. It was seconded by Linda. Motion was passed.

ANNUAL PLANT SALE was a huge success despite the rain. Many volunteers worked very hard and the number of donated plants was abundant. We raised over $1200 including bulb sales and 8 new members.

OUR WEBSITE designed by Ian Steel, was mentioned to the members as an excellent way to obtain information on our Society and it’s events. Ian is very efficient and quick at getting information up. Thanks Ian.

THE MUDCAT PARADE is on Saturday June 11, 2011. Pam Blanchard gave some details about our “float”, a tractor and trailer which will be decorated with plants and colours of red and yellow, honouring our troops and following the Festival colours. Anyone wishing to take part in the parade is encouraged to wear our t-shirts and red and yellow. They should meet at Robinson Road at 9 a.m.

THE REFRESHMENT TABLE is in need of volunteers for June, August, and September. Due to the number of members that are attending meetings, it was suggested that we have 3 people each month. Tea and coffee will still be covered by the Society. Thanks to Lori Maracle and Pat Taylor-VanNatter for supplying this month.

THE GARDEN WALK will be held on Thursday July 21. Betty Ballanger will be arranging for tours of local gardens and Doris Thompson will be hosting a BBQ afterwards at her place. Details will be provided at next meeting.

THE TRILLIUM AWARDS PROGRAM is running from June 11 to July 3. Chairperson Kim Christoff asked for volunteers to judge any gardens nominated. There will be a meeting this Thursday May 26, 7 p.m. at Judy’s for anyone wishing to set up new judging guidelines with past chair Diane Blanchard Smith. By the end of the meeting, there were 10 people agreeing to help out.

T-SHIRT AND APRONS were promoted by Judy Jeffery modelling them and talking about how functional they were. New members were encouraged to purchase them for the parade and for anyone wishing to help with the garden beds around town.

PLANTING DAY this year is up to the individual heads of each bed. These people will be in contact with those that signed up as volunteers. The plants will be picked up this Friday from Konkle and will be stored at Judy’s. Jan Loots is looking after getting manure for each bed. Judy attended a meeting with the B.I.A. They have asked us to look after the raised beds downtown but have agreed to help out financially with any plants needed and with watering costs.

SPEAKER DENNIS FALLET OF VAN NOORT BULBS gave an interesting talk and slide show on roses. Handout is attached. He suggested doing a bus tour to Niagara Gardens and he would be willing to host and hold an outdoor seminar. He also donated 5 rose bushes for our annual rose draw.

ANNUAL ROSE DRAW was held for all members present. Winners were Linda Muldoon, Maura Cooper, Pat Taylor-VanNatter, Marisa Iozzo-Lohrum, Sue Mazi, Marge Visser, Mary McKinney, Bruce Nevils, Lori Maracle and Dorothy Miner.

WAYS AND MEANS, run by Betty Ballanger, raised $63

MEETING WAS ADJOURNED by Judy Jeffery at 9:30 p.m.

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