THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 , 7 p.m.



The meeting was opened at 7:05 by Judy Jeffery.

New Mail: The new mail was all about the different events going on in the region and was placed on the table at the front of the room where the members were invited to read it and/or take note of the events they wished to attend.

The Treasurers report for August was read by Kim Christoff. It was moved as read by Helen Edl, seconded by Mary McKinney. Moved as accepted by Cindy Huteima and seconded by Steve Elgersma.

We were praised for our efforts at both the auction, which brought the club $384.50, and the Flower Show, where our entries really impressed the Judge.

Judy reminded us of the Pot Luck Supper on the 20th of October and the awards to be given out.

Apologies were made by Judy for the over quick clean-up which caused some breakage, confusion and missing items when the owners came to pick up their entries.

Volunteers were requested for next year’s show. A point was made that notice for show entries should be made much further in advance.

Judy proposed that the photo contest be a year- long event in order to take in all 4 seasons . There would be a limit of 4 photos per person with judging to be done by our own members and the prizes awarded in November at our Christmas Party.

Judy called for volunteers to be Directors and Executive for the club, and asked for nominations to be made tonight for the elections next month.

Judy also mentioned for the new members what the Pot Luck Supper was and that they could bring main entree’s, salads, puddings etc. of their choice, and reminded us all that “sit down” was at 6:00 pm. and that we were welcome to bring our families.

There will also be a seed swap that evening.

It was mentioned that next year’s membership cards will be yellow.

Kim introduced our guest speaker for the evening.   Mr. Walter Zimmerman. The topic was Bees/Bee Keeping/Honey.

We broke for refreshments at 7:30 pm- Thank you Ladies!- and resumed at 7:50 pm for our guest speaker.


The Ways and Means draw started at 8:55 pm.

The meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm

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