THURSDAY OCTOBER 20, 2011 6p.m
Grace United Church


POTLUCK SUPPER: Members and guests were greeted by Captain Don and Luna. The tables were arranged in rows to encourage more mingling and were decorated beautifully with a fall theme (done by Pauline Bradford). Thanks to all who contributed to the wonderful spread. At total of 58 members and guests were in attendance.

MEETING OPENED by President Judy Jeffery at 6:10 p.m.

SPECIAL GUESTS Susan Lusted, District 9 District Director and Dawn Suter, Haldimand Horticultural Society and Flower/Vegetable Show Judge were introduced.

SEED SWAP TABLE was discussed by Judy Jeffery.

O CANADA was played (supplied by Ian Steel)

GRACE was provided by Marylou Johnson.

POTLUCK DINNER was served.

SUSAN LUSTED talked about the 2012 convention being held in Niagara. The OHA fundraiser is the 2012 rose, a hearty disease resistant red fairy rose that can be purchased either potted or bare root. The OHA banner was discussed. Please check out the website www.gardenontario.org for additional information.


INSTALLATION OF 2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS performed by Susan Lusted.

President: Judy Jeffery

Vice President: Betty Ballanger

Secretary: Sue Mazi

Treasurer: Kim Christoff

Directors: Pam Blanchard                  Jan Loots

Pauline Bradford               Lori Maracle

Maura Cooper                   Mary McKinney

Don Davis                          Ian Steel

Marylou Johnson                Debbie Thomas


TRILLIUM AWARD WINNERS were congratulated. Attending this meeting were Judy Hayne and Richard & Nelly Beldman as well as members Maura Cooper, Ed & Sue Mazi and Rob & Lori Maracle.

FLOWER AND VEGETABLE SHOW WINNERS were recognized by Dawn Suter: Judy Jeffery, George Vrkjan, Doris Thomson, Regina Loots, Brian & Mary Markham, Cindy Huitema, Kim Christoff, Gwen VanNatter, Janice Croft, Marylou Johnson, Jan Loots, Maura Cooper, Ian Steel. The overall winner was Janine Jungas.

Thanks were given to Janice Croft and Janine Jungas for their hard work in chairing this event.

Judy announced that we will hold two shows next year: the June Rose/ Flower show and the August Flower/Vegetable Show.

DUNNVILLE CHRISTMAS TOUR Marylou Johnson told the members that the tour will be held on Nov. 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and tickets are $15 now or $18 after Nov. 1. She had tickets for sale or they can be purchased at Queen St. Paints. Proceeds go to the Salvation Army.

DOOR PRIZES were drawn. Winners were Barb Davis, Gwen VanNatter, Pauline Bradford, Judy Hayne, Nelly Beldman, Mary Kuhar, Sue Mazi, Janine Jungas, Debbie Thomas and Marylou Johnson.

TABLE CENTRE PIECES draw was held. There were 10 winners.

50/50 DRAW raised $72 for the Society and the other half was won by Sam Visser.

NEXT MEETING will be held on Thursday November 17 and will be our Christmas meeting. Speaker Joelle Smith will be demonstrating how to make Christmas decorations.


PRESIDENT                                                    TREASURER

Judy Jeffery                                                     Kim Christoff
905 701-4656                                                  289 369-0474

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