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Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm, with welcome and opening remarks from Debbie Thomas, welcoming all new members and giving brief explanation, as to how meetings are run, the importance of sign in sheets, ways & means, refreshments, trivia question, monthly speakers, email notifications and monthly updates such as the newsletter.

Kim gave brief update of Treasurer’s report explaining balance increases from donations, and expenses such as stationary, Lions’ Home & Garden Show, plant sale, and guest speakers.

Kim announced we now have 200 members.

President Debbie Thomas gave an overview of Lions Home and Garden show. It was a great success with the signing of 57 members. She thanked Deb Zynomirski & Gloria Hunter for taking lead, Marilyn Stavinga for decorations, Ian Steel for making all bookmarks and brochures, Wray McLean for arranging the booth, and idea to do demos. Thank you to Lester Fretz for doing a demo on growing sweet potatoes, Mary Fretz for a demonstration on grapevine wreaths, Marlene Link demonstrating Garden Art and Donna Cavers for her demo on a living succulent frame. All memberships sold went into hat for prizes. Vermeer’s and Stokes donated seeds to give away. Debbie Thomas thanked all who took part in planning, setting up, clean up and manning booth over the two days.

The annual plant sale in May was also a big success, raising $1850 after expenses. All items sold were donated. First a Big Thank you to all who donated plants, from members of the community, Growers, Garden Centers, and our very own members. Also a big thank you to those that came out to help on drop off night and the day of sale with set up, clean up, and selling. Lastly a Big Thank you to all who came out to purchase items in support of DHS.

Update on DHS recently re introducing a Juniors Garden Club. Spear headed by Margaret and Mark Bottrell and Judy Jeffery. So far 13 children between 6-12 have signed up.

Reminder of annual planting day Sat May 23rd. Debbie asked for volunteers to come out and help plant from 8am-noon.A big thank you to Konkle’s Greenhouses for once again donating all annuals, and to Roger Egger of Egger Truck and Machine for watering. Also a request for volunteers to help weed during season was made.

DHS will be commissioning a light up display for Wingfield Park this Christmas, and a members only contest will be held for the design. Rules will be given out at the June 18th gen meeting. Marilyn Staving is chairing.

Debbie also reminded members of the upcoming Trillium Awards and the nomination process, and criteria. Nominations are accepted from June 18-30 with drop off box and nominations forms to be at the Chamber of Commerce office, as well as online and at June general meeting. Gloria Hunter and Marilyn Stavinga will be taking lead on organizing this. A request for volunteers to judge was made with a sign-up sheet being available. A total of 15 residential and 5 commercial awards to be given.

The members were advised that DHS will not be having a Garden walk this year, however if members wanted to take part in the Spec Garden tour, and/ or enter their garden, it is held July 11-22. Also the Blooms and Bubbly garden tour is held in Dunnville on June 27th, at a cost of $12. It’s put on by Senior Support Services as a fund raiser. Two gardens on this tour belong to our very own members Beth Powell & Ken Sherwood, and Mary Galli. Other gardens will be a surprise.

The DHS has partnered with the Rotary club, to design and help with plant choices for the area beneath Muddy the Mudcat. Work has begun.

Debbie told the members about a community garden that was established in 2014 located on George St. It was created with a one-time grant from Haldimand Norfolk Housing. The DHS has donated seeds and plants. If anyone would like to view it or donate on their own contact Debbie Robinson at (905)-701-5916.

The Central Park Bandshell is being repaired and should have safety issues and washrooms ready for Mudcat weekend, with full restoration to begin in Sept. Haldimand County has advised DHS that spring 2016 is probably the best time for us to donate trees for park (Central Park is DHS’s humble roots).

Deb Zynomirski asked for a show of hands as to interest in DHS looking into hosting a Garden and Wine tour in Sept? Interest very positive.

It was also mentioned what a great group of members DHS has, with many who volunteer with other organizations too, and recently a call for assistance went out because one of our long time members needed assistance with her gardens. Within hours, 9 members stepped up, with one taking on regular assistance. Thank you to Kim Christoff for lending an ear, and sending out request on her behalf.

10 minute refreshment break.

Thank you to Barb Whyte, Maura Cooper, Pauline Bradford, Dorothy Minor and Donna Cavers for “GOODIES”.

Guest Speaker Jack Kent presented “all things new for 2015 and commercially available”. He also asked monthly Trivia question. It’s always based on previous month’s topic, and Jack was April’s speaker on Lilies.

The Annual Free Rose draw was held with 74 signed in members with 10 roses being given away.

No motions took place at meeting.

Meeting adjourned 8:45pm with the W & M draws to follow.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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