Jan. 2014

The meeting was opened by Debbie Thomas at 7:00 p.m.

There were 45 people signed in.

Debbie welcomed everyone and gave a brief review of our highlights from 2013 emphasizing the importance of the membership and the beauty of the gardens.

Kim went over the minutes from October 2013 and talked about having the minutes emailed prior to the meeting. Also, in future they will be projected on the wall as well as posted at the back of the room. Printed copies will be available on request. Linda Muldoon moved to accept the minutes and it was seconded by Karen Waltham. The motion was carried.

The treasurer’s report from December was read.

MANDATORY FIRE DRILL was held. All doors were covered.

Refreshments were put out, including a birthday cake for Maura Cooper, baked by Marilyn Stavinga.


Debbie went over the 2014 agenda, highlighting events and speakers. New agendas will be printed now that the dates and names of speakers have been confirmed.

Debbie also told the membership about our hope for a tree planting program for the town of Dunnville, our partnership with Dunnville Secondary School, our involvement with the Rotary Club and Muddy Mud Cat, the survey results (see attached) and the on-going meetings for the new parkland.

We held a Q&A session with a panel of garden experts from our own membership. Marlene Link, Beth Powell, Pauline Bradford and Judy Jeffery did an excellent job in giving answers and advice. Other members gave answers too. It was a fun and very informative session. Thanks ladies!

We held the Ways & Means draw which raised $61.

Meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m.

Sue Mazi, DHS Secretary.

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