Sept. 2014

This was our Flower and Vegetable Show. A copy of the categories is attached. All entrees were set up prior to the meeting. Thanks to Pauline Bradford for organizing the show.

Meeting was called to order by Debbie Thomas at 7:05 p.m.  There were 63 people in attendance.  Everyone was welcomed and Debbie asked the Flower and Show judges to start their judging during the business part of the meeting. The judges were Lorraine Stevens, Joan King, Beth Powell, Judy Jeffery, Barb Whyte and Pauline Bradford. Thanks ladies!

Judy Jeffery brought in some rose bushes which were for sale at the front of the hall.

Kim presented the minutes from the August meeting. Hellen Edyl moved to have accepted into record and Gwen VanNatter seconded the motion. Motion was carried.

Kim presented the treasurer’s report for August. A copy is attached. We have 129 members.

–                     Income: $4643.00  (grants)

–                     Expenses: $620.32

–                     Balance:  $15,627.07

–                     GICs:  $3000.00

–                     Petty Cash: $100.00

Debbie updated everyone on the condition of the Queen Street beds. There have been some complaints as to their condition.  They are not our responsibility since the Chamber is paying Community Living to look after them. The Dunnville Business and Improvement Assoc. has decided to remove all flower bulbs/plants from beds under the 8 Queen St. beds, and just have red stone under all trees-they feel this would make it easier for Community Living to keep them weeded and to keep garbage and feces cleaned up.

The bed in front of Queens/Merritt Room will stay a flower bed, being a prime location with good sun and the Hort. society will care for it in future.

The New Year is fast approaching and with this comes our need for a new executive. Most have agreed to stay on but new people are always encouraged. New ideas and a fresh approach to our undertakings are always welcome. Elections and swearing in of the new board will take place at our Annual General Meeting in November.

We received two grants from Haldimand County; a beautification grant in the amount of $3900 (for the beds) and another for $650 (for our two planters and a decorative rock at the high school bed). The grant committee is meeting soon to fill out applications for 2015. Projects being considered are repairing the downtown clock and repairing / restoring / relocating the old fountain base at Muddy Park.

Flowerbed cleanup will be held on Saturday October 18.  Meet at the condo parking lot for 9 a.m.

November’s meeting is our Annual General Meeting and Potluck dinner. It will be a Christmas theme as we don’t hold a meeting in December.  There will be a photo contest and a penny sale instead of ways and means.  All items will have a value of at least $20.

An antispam legislation has been passed. We have 3 years to implement the plan. All email recipients will be notified and new members will need to sign a sheet giving us permission to send them emails.

During the 15 minute break, members were encouraged to view the entrees in the Flower and Vegetable Show as well as enjoy some refreshments.  Thank you to Barb Whyte, Pauline Bradford, Doreen Love and Maura Cooper for the wonderful treats.

Our speaker, Ron Duxbury gave a wonderful discussion on dahlias.  He has won many awards for his prize dahlias. The slide show highlighted the many different sizes, colours and varieties of dahlias. Ron brought in two arrangements of cut dahlias that were given out through a random draw.  Winners were Dorothy Minor and Petra Kruis-Daly.  Congratulations!

Our flower show winners were announced. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone that participated. It was a great event and will surely be held again.

Ways and Means draw was held by Gwen VanNatter and raised $63.

Meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m.



2014 Flower and Vegetable Show Results



1st            Sandra Gill                                             White Dahlia


2nd           Petra Kruis-Daly                                   Datura


3rd           Petra Kruis-Daly                                   Love Lies Bleeding





1st            Joan King                                               Hydrangea


2nd           Beth Powell                                           Sedum


3rd           Sandi Marr                                            Hydrangea





1st            Joan King


2nd           Gwen Van Natter


3rd           Sandra Gill



Largest Sunflower Head


1st            Jan Loots


2nd           Beth Powell



Tallest Sunflower


1st            Lester Fretz


2nd           Jan Loots



Largest Vegetable


1st            Beth Powell                                           Heirloom Squash


2nd           Jan Loots



Strange & Wonderful


1st            Petra                                      Mini Watermelon


2nd           Marilyn Stavinga                   Ground Cherry


3rd           Marilyn Stavinga                   Candy Cane Beet



Funniest Shape


1st            Joan King


2nd           Lester Fretz


3rd           Marilyn Stavinga



Garden on a Plate


1st            Jan Loots


2nd           Dorothy Minor


3rd           Mary Fretz





1st            Beth Powell                                           Hand


2nd           Nick Huitema                                        Boots


3rd           Marilyn Stavinga                                   Shoe



Garden Art


1st            Marilyn Stavinga


2nd           Mary Lou Johnston


3rd           Gwen Van Natter


Let’s Have Some Fun


1st            Marilyn Stavinga


2nd           Marilyn Stavinga

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