Junior Flower Show Winners – Fall 2016
Congratulations !!
Largest Sunflower Head –   1st prize – Brennen Dorland
                                                  2nd prize – Alicia Stavinga
                                                  3rd prize –  Ethan Dorland
Vegetable Animals                  1st prize – Alicia Stavinga
                                                   2nd prize – Braydon Mellic
                                                   3rd prize –  Christina Lucas
Scarecrow                             1st prize –   Alicia Stavinga
Adult Fall Flower & Vegetable Show Winners 2016
Annuals – 1st Prize – Lester Fretz
                   2nd Prize – Petra Cruz Daley
                   3rd Prize  – Petra Cruz Daley
Perennials  – 1st Prize – Deb Zynomirski
                        2nd Prize – Petra Cruz Daley
                        3rd Prize – Denise Richardson
Roses            1st Prize – Lester Fretz
                        2nd Prize – Kim Christoff
                        3rd Prize –  Sandra Gill
Largest Root Veg –  1st Prize – Lester Fretz
                                   2nd Prize – Marilyn Stavinga
                                   3rd Prize – Jan Loots
Largest Tomato –  1st Prize –  Lester Fretz
Most Unusual Veg – 1st Prize – Jan Loots
                                     2nd Prize – Denise Richardson
                                     3rd Prize – Brant Richardson
Cute Critters    1st Prize – Gloria Hunter
                             2nd Prize – Denise Richardson
How’s That –      1st Prize – Gloria Hunter
                             2nd Prize – Kim Christoff
                             3rd Prize – Jan Loots
Pumpkin Carving –  Most Gruesome – Brant Richardson
                                      Funniest – Bruce Burton
                                      Meanest – Marilyn Stavinga
                                      Scariest –  Bruce Burton
Thanks to Pauline Bradford for organizing and to our judges: Marlene Link, Denise Richardson, Pauline Bradford.

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