Hello DHS Team!

     Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I can’t thank you all enough for the outstanding team effort.  You helped to make the 2017 Lions Home, Garden and Craft Show a HUGE success for the DHS!!! I especially want to recognize Petra who helped organize the event and contributed so much of our booth decor.  In addition, Petra donated the raised garden box and 2 bags of compost. Thank you Petra!
     Thank you to our set up team who quickly got things organized and ready to go on Thursday afternoon before the busy evening program night.
     Thank you Donna Cavers for once again lending us your easel and chalkboard.
     Thank you Margaret Bottrell for coming through with seeds for us to hand out!
     Thank you Wray and Bev for bridging things between DHS and the Lions, since you wear both hats.  We are so grateful for all you do!
     Thank you to everyone who manned the booth for the long hours of the show itself…Nelly, Susan, Steve, Ellen, Svetlana, Kim, Mary Lou, (hope I haven’t missed anyone!)  Your friendly interaction with the public made me feel so proud!  Debbie T, Petra, Denise, Gloria, Rob and Sandi…you guys were there for most of those long hours sharing with so many people the DHS story….thank you!  It’s because of you all that DHS is proving to be the biggest club in Dunnville!!!
     We heard so many thank you’s from our Dunnville friends and neighbours, all glowing about how beautiful we make our town look, and how they love what we contribute to our community.  You should all feel great!  You are the face of the DHS and you represented our Society so well!!!
     Also, I would like to say a huge thank you to Marlene, Sandi and Lester who provided their mini-demos in such an engaging and entertaining way!  So many great comments from your audience.  Next year’s addition will be the cordless microphone and a small speaker to amplify your voices.
     We continue to create many networking opportunities at the Lions Show as well, which opens up new avenues for future speakers, fundraising opportunities and other ideas and improvements.  All in all, it was a super weekend for the Dunnville Hort Society!
Here are some tangible results:
66 new members
$615 raised through memberships
$63.20 donated to the CP Fountain project
Draw prize winners were:  Helena Collins (metal buggy/flowers), Marianne Knight (planter box/compost/flowers)
I am so grateful to you all for everything you have done to make this year’s event another great one for our Society.  Thanks to you all!
Best regards,


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