Dunnville Horticulture Society

Controlled burn makes way for rehabilitation project in Dunnville

A controlled burn was carried out near Robinson Road in Dunnville on Thursday, April 25, 2019. The burn was required as part of the Thompson Creek Parkland Restoration Project.

DUNNVILLE—In May 2018, Haldimand County Council awarded an $11,550 community partnership grant to the Dunnville Horticultural Society (DHS) to bring the Thompson Creek Parkland Restoration Project to fruition.

Part of this Haldimand County-DHS-Ducks Unlimited Canada partnership project required that a controlled burn be conducted on the parkland adjacent to Robinson Road. The burn took place on Thursday, April 25, 2019.

The Thompson Creek Parkland Restoration Project aims to rehabilitate the wetlands and grassland, create naturalized walkable pathways and establish a Carolinian Arboretum Education Centre/outdoor classroom.

The purpose of the controlled burn was to clear the grassland site of accumulated debris, halt the growth of invading shrubs and rejuvenate the native tallgrass ecosystem.

Shown in photo are DHS Thompson Creek Reboot Co-chairs Debbie Thomas and Dan McKay. The pair were very pleased with the result of the burn and have great expectations for the space which will include sitting areas and brand new signage. —Haldimand Press photo by Valerie Posthumus