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Information: Jumping Worms, Box Tree Moths & Avian Influenza

Please find some important information on the following topics:
1.  Jumping Worms:  Please check out the GardenOntario website for all the information at:
2. Box Tree Moths:  Please check out the GardenOntario website for all the information at:   https://gardenontario.org/box-tree-moths/
3. Minister’s Order for Avian Influenza:  Please check out the OMAFRA website for all the information at:  http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/about/min-order/index.html
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Beginner’s Guide to Basic Gardening (Link in content)

Greetings Deb,

Had a really good time reading Dunnville Horticultural Society’s useful links! I must say that the Beginners Gardening Guide was my favorite. I was hoping I could contribute to making it more awesome.

Sharing our Beginner’s Guide to Basic Gardening with everything that you need to know about gardening types, essentials, tools, maintenance – and even starter veggies! It would be a good addition to your list, and something that your readers can learn from 😊

Will our guide be able to help you?



Handyman Reviewed Ashley Davis
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DIY Gardening Projects and Landscaping Ideas to Save Money

We recently received an email from Lily Stevens, an assistant library media specialist in Maine who thanked us for our site and all the information we have posted here. In return she shared the following link regarding DIY Gardening and Landscape Ideas.


This site has a fantastic gardening terminology/glossary of terms, lists all the gardening tools you should have and what they’re used for. It covers info on plant zones and sunlight requirements, and has a ton of information on creating wildlife habitats and pollinator gardens. It also has a slew of gardening projects, including guides on growing flower gardens, herb gardens, vegetable gardens and fruit gardens It really is a gem so please take a little time, click on the link and enjoy the read. Perhaps with the nicer weather coming in it will inspire you to get out and dig in the dirt!

Consumer Notice: Pesticides and their Alternatives

My name is Brooke and I work at ConsumerNotice.org, a website dedicated to providing information about harmful products, environmental hazards, and preventing personal injuries.

As you may know, most pesticides can pose a risk to humans and animals. For this reason, we have published a guide with organic, homemade, and agricultural alternatives.

You can check out the guide here:

Creating Habitat Gardens for Pollinators in the Greater Toronto Area

Flower Patch for Rusty-Patched Bumblebee

Attached, is a booklet that was made available to Master Gardeners of Niagara. Our January speaker on Zoom was Lorraine Johnson whose topic was Wild About Bees which linked using Natives and attracting pollinators. She gave us the link to download this booklet. It is actually part of a larger book she is co-authoring.