Dunnville Horticulture Society

April Program Night Minutes

Thursday April 18th 2019 Minutes by Petra Kruis-Daly

The evening began with Deb Z welcoming everyone, reminding them of washrooms, sign in sheet and general housekeeping items. First the business will be conducted then, during the break make everyone welcome to get their snacks for the movie, get your ways and means tickets and purchase your memberships if you haven’t done so.

1. Deb Z spoke briefly about the Lions ‘Home and Garden’ show happening today and Saturday, DHS has a booth and she encouraged everyone to check it out.
2. The ‘information board’ that has information about our events was pointed out, please check it out at the back of the room.
3. District 9 spring forum on April 27. Carpooling is available, sign up at the sheets at the back of the room.
4. Plant sale is May 11th. 7am to noon. If anyone is working in their gardens, remember to pot any plants you are splitting as we are happy to get them to raise money. Garden art/items will be a welcome donation as well. Sign up sheets at the back of the room for anyone willing to help set up the plant sale on the Friday evening before, or helpers to sell at the plant sale on the Saturday.
5. Planting day is May 25, everyone is welcome to sign up and help out that morning 8am until done. Sign up sheet at the back of the room.
6. Please give us ideas for program nights or other things we can do in our club, suggestions can be put in the ‘suggestion box’ at the sign in table. We take suggestions very seriously and often act on those suggestions, such as having our garden tours in the fall rather in early spring.
7. Debbie T spoke about the Floral Clock. The design process is happening. The original water tower and information on the original clock will be our/DHS focus as Haldimand Heritage inquired/as to no overlaps. They are in process with plans to install other story boards throughout/along new park paths. (Wingfield/Waterfront park).
8. Thompson Creek is moving ahead. The controlled burn will hopefully happen in the next few weeks. It all depends on weather/wind conditions. It does need to be done before birds start to nest in the area. A map at the back of the room shows the prescribed burn location. Following the burn, Ducks Unlimited Canada will be planting over $40,000 in wildflower seeds/forbes in the area. A partnership with DHS/Hald County/DUC will provide funding over the next 5 years to be used in the Tallgrass/Wetland area.
9. Deb Z asked for the Board members to stand and be acknowledged for all the hard work they do before and after DHS events/programs.
10. Susan Stadler was thanked for her help with taking over the website and working all the technology during program nights.
11. Once again, we were selected to be a recipient of the Mayor’s Gala. Last time we received approx $10,000. In order to get this money, we need volunteers to help in the days ahead to set up and work the event. More information on this will be coming.
12. Deb welcomed everyone to get prepared for the movie by getting popcorn, candy, drinks as well as purchasing ways and means tickets.
13. Deb introduced the movie “The Gardener” , A Documentary about Frank Cabot who created a beautiful garden oasis on his estate ‘Les Quatre Vents” in the Charlevoix region in Quebec.
14. After the movie finished, everyone was wished a safe drive home, and ways and means tickets were drawn.

February Program Night

Dunnville Horticultural Society
February Program Night
February 21 2019
Deb Z called the meeting to order at 7:03pm. She welcomed all new attendees and reminded everyone to sign in on the sheet by the door. She pointed out the exits and washrooms. A reminder to everyone to purchase both their memberships and tickets for Ways and Means. Memberships purchased before the March meeting, will be eligible for the early bird draw rose.
• Information including treasurers reports, news articles and our sponsors are posted on the bulletin board near main entrance; previous minutes are on reverse of agenda.
• Seedy Saturday is in Niagara on March 23, 10-3pm. St George church in St Catharines. On our March program night, we are having our own Seed Exchange. Please bring in your seeds to exchange then. Please identify.
• Our program brochure is out, Deb brought everyone’s attention to the April date for the Home and Garden show is incorrect. The date is actually April 19-20 Easter Weekend. The home show will be taking place on the Thursday April 18th and Saturday April 20th (not Easter Friday) Our own program night is the same Thursday, April 18th. Our program will be a movie night, complete with popcorn. A documentary; about a man who was an avid gardener his entire life.
• Quint night represents all the service clubs in Dunnville. Each Club highlights events or activities they have done, and will do in the coming year. Although the DHS is not considered one of the ‘Quint’ service clubs, we are always invited to present. Debbie and Dan did so that evening on the Thompson Creek Project. Muddy the mudcat, is to be getting a face lift this year, the Lionesses mentioned they will partner with Rotary on this. The floral clock should be done by the spring. The clock will become a showcase for Dunnville’s history rather than a working clock.
• Gloria thanked Susan Milligan, Angela Latham, Joan King, Helen Edl, Florence Zyomirski for bringing snacks tonight. The following people volunteered to bring snacks for March: Evelyn Wardell, Muriel Currie, Denise Richardson, Debbie Thomas, Petra Kruis-Daly.
• The spring forum will be held in Grimsby Saturday April 27. Topic will be creating a Pollinator garden as well as information on the Legacy Prairie Garden. People interested should get in touch with Deb Z so that carpools can be arranged.
• Dan McKay gave a short update on the Thompson Creek Wetland Project. He talked about signage, labels by trees, paths, the controlled burn of the Tallgrass Prairie this spring and planting of wild flowers (volunteers are needed to plant all these seeds: contact Debbie T or Dan Mckay if interested), a weather station, will monitor the area..
• Deb Z commented on how DHS undertakes massive projects and has had much success in the past many years on what we have accomplished. We should all be proud of all our efforts.
Break: Deb Z encouraged everyone to take a coffee and snack break as well as look over the information Dan McKay brought in about the Thompson Creek Project.
Speaker: Deb Z introduced Janice Gilbert a Wetland Ecologist. She spoke about invasive Phragmites and kept the audience captivated for 45 minutes. She encouraged everyone to be aware of Phragmites and make sure it is eradicated as soon as possible.
Business Continued:
• Deb thanked Dr Janice for her informative talk. Door prizes were given out, 3 bouquets were donated by Tina Janssen who got them from Rosa Flora, these were won by: Rosemary Bosak, Betty Ballanger and Tony Daly. Meeting was adjourned. Deb Z wished everyone a good evening and safe drive home.
• Ways and Means were drawn.
24 memberships were sold this evening bringing in $185
Kitchen brought in $25.85
Ways and Means brought in $50

January Program Night

Dunnville Horticulture Program Night
January 17, 2019. 7pm
Deb Z welcomed everyone to the evening’s program by wishing them all a Happy New Year. She gave a hearty hello to newcomers. Reminders to everyone to sign in every time for safety reasons, as well as periodic draws. There were 60 members signed in.

Please purchase membership for 2019. The price is only $10 per person. $15 per couple. Grants from OMAFRA are given based on membership numbers, so the more members the better! Last year we got $1500 as a membership grant for having over a 200 membership. Membership sales tonight were $285

Treasurer’s report, minutes from the AGM and other information is on the back bulletin board, please peruse this information during the break. Direct questions to any board member.

Gloria Hunter thanked Martha Glaw, Jenny Elgersma, Kim Dickie, Sharon Sykes, Letha Burden, Pat Henderson for bringing the wonderful treats for this evening’s snack table. Volunteers for next month are Susan Milligan, Hellen Edl, Joan King, Angela Latham, Florence Zynomirski. Other members were encouraged to sign up for other months for snack.

Several members passed away recently. Chris Pinnance, past president of the Optimist Club. Barb Whyte’s husband passed away. Mary VanOosten, a DHS life member.

Councillor Bernie Corbett is holding a Year In Review at the Dunnville Lifespan Centre, Jan 23 at 7pm. This will be open to the public for anyone wishing to hear about local activities.

Debbie T read a letter from the recipient of the DHS Scholarship: Riley McConachie, who thanked us for the generous scholarship gift that has enabled him to go to college in the field of Environmental Sciences..

The Floral Clock in Dunnville refurbishment was hoped to be completed by 2019, but due to various time constraints, we are not quite done. Various repairs have been done over the past decades.. The repairs to clock have been costly. After careful consideration and due to the site itself having changed over the years,the board has decided to repurpose the clock. plan. The Clock structure will become a large storyboard and will depict the history of the original water tower, the dam and the hydro electric dam and the Floral clock.. We to complete by spring.

Thompson Creek Project: the phragmites have been sprayed, working on cutting them down, a spring burn will take place in the tall grass area to remove the dead grass, encourage new growth. More work will be done on the pathways, and other work done on the under canopy, (removal of trees, brush, etc.) We are hoping that stage one will be all done by fall. New directional and educational signage will be added. Still having some trouble with motorized vehicles entering the protected area and rutting the new trail.

We will be hosting District 9 Forum. Members from 13 different society will be attending on September 27. We will be able to showcase our town and DHS. More details TBA.

Several positions need to be filled in our society. By the end of the meeting the following volunteers have stepped in to help: Marlene Link to become the new writer for the Sachem column replacing Sandi Marr.. She will be providing articles that discuss horticulture in various way. .Sharon Sykes has volunteered to be mentored by Kim and slowly take over the job of treasurer by 2020. Ellen Gunther has volunteered to fill in as recording secretary when Petra is absent. Susan Emory to assist with the website, taking over from Sandi Marr.

Quint night. All are welcome to attend on Feb 13. This is an evening where all the service groups gather to share all the great things that are done in our great town. Contact Deb Z if you are interested.

Deb then encouraged everyone to take a short break, purchase tickets at the Ways and Means, as well as get a snack and stretch their legs.

After the short break, Deb Z began the second half of the program by explaining how we like to keep our January program to showcase local speakers. If anyone has a skill or knowledge they would like to share, please speak to someone on the Board to set this up. We still have 2 program nights to fill for this year, contact Deb Z if you are willing, or know some interesting speaker. The following is the year’s program night speakers:
Feb: Phragmites- why and how they should be eradicated.
March: All about bees, starting your own hive
April: Movie. The Gardener. A documentary of a lifelong gardener.
May: Adam Koziel from EarthGen. Talking about growing truffles
June: Open still
September: Mark Zelinsky. An international photographer of gardens and plants
October: Raj Gill. Lake Erie Alive. Speaking on lobbying the government on taking care of our lakes and rivers.
November AGM: Open still

Deb Z then started her presentation on drying and pressing flowers, then introduced Petra who spoke of planting a cut flower garden.

Deb reminded the general membership again to offer up their knowledge by volunteering as a presenter at a program. A special thank you was said to the board members who always show up early to set up for the evening.

Deb closed the meeting at 8:30pm and wished everyone a great night. Ways and Means brought in $63.85 and the kitchen brought in $40.35

November AGM and Potluck

Dunnville Horticulture Club             November Program November 15th 2018

Pres. Debbie Thomas opened the evening by warmly welcoming all 69 signed in guests to our annual Christmas Potluck. She began the night by introducing Morgan Yurcich, our new high school volunteer who will be helping DHS with all media at the Program nights. Deb Z then lead the singing of O Canada and Steve Elgersma eloquently said the blessing before dinner. Just before everyone lined up for the wonderful potluck, Deb Z explained how during the meal, everyone was encouraged to look at the beautiful photos in the Photo Contest, and how to vote during dinner. Also, everyone was encouraged to purchase tickets for the penny sale, the draws would take place later in the evening. During dinner everyone was welcomed to enjoy the cider tasting from Bain’s Road Cider Company. Geoff McDonald owner/operator would speak later in the evening.

Dinner began at 6:15

At 7:14 AGM called to order by Pres. Debbie Thomas.

New Life members Jan and Regina Loots, Mary Lou Johnston, and Hellen Edl were recognized.Continuous service pins were given out to Jim and Sandra Gill, Eric Hunter, Rob and Sandi Marr, Bev and Wray McLean, Jim and Gerda Smith for 5 years and the 10 year recipients were  Pam Blanchard, Kim Christoff, Barbara Davis, Maureen Jones and Gwen VanNatter.

Minutes from  November 15, 2017 AGM were read, and Betty Ballenger and Bev McLean motioned to approve the minutes.

The annual financial report was given by Treas. Kim Christoff, who also thanked Lorraine Stevens and Joan King for auditing DHS books for 2018. Kim Dickie and Joan King volunteered to be auditors for 2019.

Out going Pres Debbie Thomas gave an overview of 2018. Followed by heartfelt words of gratitude to all DHS members for being the Life blood of DHS, and to the DHS  Board for being the Heart and Soul.

Deb Zynomirski and Kim Christoff on behalf of DHS, thanked Debbie for her service, spoke of the many things DHS accomplished during her term and gave a parting gift.

Installation of 2019 Board of Directors followed. Officiated by Linda Olssen, Executive director from Dist 9.

The 2019 DHS Executive is: Deb Zynomirski (President), Debbie Thomas (Past President), Kim Christoff (Treasurer), Petra Kruis-Daly (Recording Secretary). Board members: Denise Richardson, Wray McLean, Lynn Loney, Marilyn Stavinga, Nelly Engelage and Gloria Hunter.

Deb Z officially took over duties as President, and assisted by Debbie, they drew the penny sale draw winners for the amazing donated prizes. Deb Z encouraged everyone to support all the local businesses.  Dunnville Paint & Decorating (Doris Thompson), Harmony House (Darlene Buscis), Durants (Larry Page & Peter Zyrominsk), Heatherton’s Florist (Debbie Thomas), Bob’s Place (Marlene Link), LVW Creative Barracks (Marilyn Stravinga), Uncle Bob’s (Cindy Huitema),Houser’s Automotive (Debbie Thomas), Pothos Restaurant (Larry Page), House of Plus (Marilyn Stavinga),KFC (Mike Draastra), Towne Café (Wyn Overend), Bev Mclean Glasswork (Cindy Huitema & John Wilson) Stephanie Hair Care (Gloria Hunter), Debb’s Cuisine (Beth Powell),  Rexall (Charlotte Huitema), Giant Tiger (Charlotte Huitema), A & W (Doris Thompson), Sweet Retro-Spect (Marlene Link), Blooming Designs (Donna Cavers), Dunnville Vet (Kim Christoff), Lang Calendar (Nelly Englege), Grand Wellness (Bev McLean), Gospel Lighthouse (Ellen Guenther), Ruffins (Susan Milligan),Grand Erie Hardware(Bev McLean), Grand Erie Garden Center (Pat Phillips), Sparkle Ladies Boutique (Michelle Zynomirski), Canadian Tire (Jan Loots), Good Looks( Bev McLean), Katrina Schmitz art (Linda Olssen). The evening’s Penny sale made $425.

Gloria Hunter announced the winners of the 4 season photo contest. Summer- Cindy Huitema, Fall-Nick Huitema, Winter-Gloria Hunter, Spring- Deb Zynomirski each  received a gift certificate donated from Small Dimensions.

Deb Z closed the evening  reminding everyone to take their food and containers home, to drive carefully and have a wonderful Christmas.

May Program Night Minutes

May Program Night
May 17 2018. Minutes by Petra Kruis-Daly
At 7:06pm Debbie began the evening with a welcome to everyone, especially the new members
1. Reminder to all guests to sign in as you enter for safety reasons, as well as to win potential prizes
2. Check out the back bulletin board to see new business and other information.
3. Deb Z thanked Mary Fretz, Donna Cavers, Dorothy Minor and Agnes Wolters for the snacks for this evening. Hellen Edl, Sharon Sykes, Letha Burden, Pat Henderson and Kim Dickie are scheduled for June’s Program.
4. The Lions Home Garden and Craft show. Thank you to all who came to visit our booth, it was a great success with the volume of visitors and the mini demos from Lester F, Kim D and Marlene L. Thanks also to all the people who helped ‘man’ the booth. Those friendly faces were great ambassadors for our organization.
5. Plant sale report by Petra, despite the rain, we had a great turnout of donated plants and friendly volunteers. We ended up making $1851 including the leftover plants sold tonight.
6. Planting Day is May 26. Everyone is welcome to come 8am to help plant flowers to make our town look great. Come to the bridge parking lot and you will be guided to a flower bed to help plant. All annuals are donated by Konkles Greenhouses.
7. Junior Gardeners program has 25 signed up. Our second year partnering with Haldimand 4H. As part of the program the children help on planting day and clean up day, as well as planting and maintaining their own home garden under the direction of Margaret Bottrell.
8. The Members Only Free Garden Tour is on June 16 10am to 3pm. Please make sure you pick up a map/list. Feel free to come and check out all the great gardens. Rain or Shine. This is self guided so feel free to wander and admire. Feel free to bring a friend, they just need to purchase a membership at one of the gardens and they can enjoy. Website will also have details.
9. Plant and Bake Sale for Haldimand Hort Saturday May 19 Rain or Shine. St Paul’s Church, Caledonia.
10. 7th Annual Blooms and Bubbly Garden Tour, June 23. Proceeds- Senior Support Service. 905 774 3005
11. Our condolences to the family’s of two DHS members : Geoff Johnson and Dorothy Egger.
12. Weeders this year are to make sure they received an email from Deb Z with instructions. Weeders are encouraged not to break up the soil, just pull the weeds as this reduces the amount of weeds self seeding. Please remove the weeds from beds and not leave them on the sidewalks. This year we are going to leave any Milkweed that should sprout up, to help the rebound of Monarch Butterflies.
13. There are 17 beds that require weeding this year, many have annuals but some have a variety of perennials.The large flower pots throughout downtown will increase to 32 this year. The BIA provides the summer inserts, DHS decorates for Winter/Christmas to keep the town beautiful. Several community groups have volunteered to help our club weed some of our beds. The local Scouts/Cubs are taking care of one bed, and another by Community Living. The flower bed under the anchor has been redone. Two Tonne of potato stone has been added over new garden cloth, the weeds will no longer have a chance. Thanks to Ed Zylstra from Dunnville Silo for volunteering his time and resources and taking care of this project.
14. Break announced, everyone was encouraged to get a snack and drink, and purchase ways and means tickets before our speaker begins.
15. Deb Z introduced Carla Carlson from Niagara Nature Tours. She had been intrigued with nature her whole life, and had completed degrees in this area. Her topic tonight was on identifying weeds…. Good and bad.
16. Deb Z thanked Carla for her very informative talk. We will all go home trying different plants in our meals, have a new outlook on things that grow around us that we didn’t plant, and have a healthier respect for all plants and how they interact with animals, birds, bees, insects and ourselves.
17. Debbie began the annual ‘Rose Draw’ assisted by Nelly. The following members have won a beautiful rose bush: Don Davies, Anna Lam, Bob Baily, Clara Draalstra, Rose Allen, Virginia Harris, Bev Mclean, Wyn Overend, Stanley Carnes, Gloria Hunter. One rose was donated back by Don Davies and auctioned off to Ellen Guenther for $21
18. Debbie closed the meeting tonight reminding everyone that Carla is still available for questions about talk and if you give her your email your name will be entered in a free draw.
19. Meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm . Ways and Means followed.

March Program Evening

Debbie Thomas

-prepared by Debbie Thomas- in absence of Secretary


Program called to order 7pm by Pres Debbie Thomas. A warm welcome to everyone

attending and acknowledgment of  the many new faces that came out. A brief overview of

Housekeeping, importance of sign in sheet followed.

A surprise visit from Dunnville Councillor  Bernie Corbett, he was introduced and gave an

overview of past and ongoing projects DHS is partnering on with Haldimand County.He gave

Heartfelt  words of gratitude on behalf of himself and Haldimand County to DHS membership for all their community contributions, their hard work, the special projects and beautification of Dunnville.

Sharon Slack Pres. of Haldimand Horticultural Society was in attendance to night, and thanked for attending and bringing along information on their up – and -coming Seedy Saturday. It was mentioned that DHS and Hald Hort share some members, and the importance of sharing information and having a strong relationship as both societies represent Haldimand County residents.

 DHS business was kept to a minimum tonight, highlighting the Silent Auction for gardening books, Early Bird membership draw, Ways and Means table, Volunteering opportunities available within the society. Volunteer sign- up sheets were circulated..

Deb Zynormiski  thanked  Barb Whyte, Bev McLean, Marie Bak, Florence Zynomirski and Marlene Link for providing tonight’s delicious refreshments.  Deb Z requested volunteers for  April’s program. Thank you to Beth Powell, Jenny Elgersma, Susan Milligan, Sandra Gill and Joan King for volunteering.

7:20 Break was called for 10 minutes, giving everyone time to grab refreshments, and final opportunity for draws and book auction.

7:30 called to order.  VP Deb Zynomirski  introduced Adam Chamberlin, Project Manager Forestry for Haldimand County. Adam gave an overview of the tree canopy within Haldimand County. He discussed current tree health, importance of diversification going forward, the devastating effects such as the ash trees, the current high component of Maples within Haldimand towns in need of trimming and removing.They have currently documented 13,674 trees as of March 7th within Haldimand streetscapes and noted 80% of trees in good health. The hope is that all of Haldimand’s parks, cemeteries and public lands will be documented. So   going forward Haldimand will have a maintenance program in place for the trimming, cutting, replanting of appropriate species with an emphasis on native trees to ensure a strong healthy diversified canopy, providing health benefits, aesthetics and cost effective management.

A new memorial tree planting program will be available, contact Adam. 905 318 5932 ext 6512  achamberlin@haldimandcounty.on.ca    Q&A followed.

Following Adam,  Pres Debbie Thomas introduced DHS newest member Dan Mckay who will be leading DHS newest project for 2018. Dan gave an overview of his involvement with the Thompson Creek revitalization project that began in the 80’s along with plans to continue and complete some of the items that had been on the wish list.  Dan will be working closely with Adam Chamberlin identifying the Carolinian trees previously planted. DHS plans to have markers attached with QR codes, and establish paths throughout the Carolinian forest  along both sides of Thompson creek and through the tall grass area. This will  provide the public with a natural educational setting to walk and enjoy. This is a continuation of last year’s successful partnership with Hald County that saw improvements made to Centennial Park.  Improvements included pathways linking Lions Park and Centennial Park, infrastructure improvements and accessibility to the bridge over Thompson Creek which benefitted everyone. Dan will provide DHS membership with updates as project progresses. Q&A followed.

Next up, DHS member Nick Huitema made a surprise announcement. He acquired some very special tomato seeds that had been in space. A small quantity of seeds were given to 3 DHS members Beth Powell, Lester Fretz and Jan Loots. They have been asked to nurture & grow these very special seeds along with using a very special blend of nutrients and report back to our group on the progress. Maybe even a taste test?

Early bird draw was tabled till April, draw will include memberships purchased by March 15.

Silent Auction book winners were called, everyone thanked for participating.

Closing remarks included how DHS gets information out through website, emails, Facebook, bulletin board and acknowledged Tamara Botting from the Sachem for coming out tonight. The important role our local papers play, in helping us to get information out to public.  DHS member Sandi Marr writes a monthly gardening column in the Sachem. DHS member Lester Fretz has a monthly gardening column in the Haldimand Press and DHS Pres. Debbie Thomas has a monthly DHS Hort Udate in the Haldimand Press.

Everyone thanked for coming out and asked to please come again, always welcome.

April’s speaker is Jim Lounsbury of Vineland Nurseries, presenting on “The Art of Pruning”.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30

Ways & means followed.

February Program Evening

February Program Night. Thursday February 15 2018. Minutes by Petra Kruis-Daly
Debbie opened the meeting at 7:03 welcoming everyone.

1. Debbie announced the new Optimist hall sound system recently installed.. A $500 donation from the Dunnville Horticulture Society helped with the purchase. Everything should work and sound better, no more loose wires. Thanks to the Optimist club for doing this.
2. A reminder to please keep your email address updated as DHS Treas. Kim Christoff regularly sends monthly updates, meeting minutes, news or coming events not to be missed.
3. Check out our new brochure recently printed. Take note of all the wonderful things we will be doing this year. Some details on a few events yet to be finalized. TBA
4. Haldimand County has hired an Arborist, Adam Chamberlin, who is working on improving the tree canopy of Haldimand County. As well we have a new member Dan McKay, who is heading up our newest project. With these two knowledgeable gentlemen, our club has great plans to extend last year’s project at Centennial Park into the Thompson Creek wetlands, and Carolinian forested area. March program details to be announced.
5. Please sign up on our volunteer sheets such as:, The weeding crew (18 beds), Planting Day, Lions Home and Garden Show, Plant Sale, Judges for the fall flower show, Decorating town flower pots, Garden clean up. Volunteers greatly appreciated by board.
6. Deb Z spoke about challenging yourself to sign up for a volunteer position such as a summer weeder. Making the volunteering a social activity with a friend makes it more fun.
7. Thank you to Ellen Gunther, who has offered to collect all the recycled items at each program night and take it home to recycle.
8. Thank you to Ellen Gunther, Angela Lathen, Bev and Wray McLean, Marilyn Stavinga and Denise’s mother, for providing the delicious snacks for tonight. Thank you to Florence Zynomirski, Barb Whyte, Bev McLean and Marie Bak for volunteering for March.
9. Debbie reminded us that we need to always sign in every program night. This list is used if there is an emergency, but also it is used to give door prizes away during the night.
10. Debbie and Deb attended the recent Chamber of Commerce AGM and announced that Lorn Boyko was nominated as citizen of the year. Also that Dunnville Hort. is always recognized at events for our community activities and told our service is appreciated.
11. Debbie announced the break for snacks and purchasing ways and means tickets.

At 7:35 Deb introduced Kim Dickie, floral designer. Kim is a DHS member, a flower arranger and floral teacher. Her experience had earned her a position teaching flower arranging at Mohawk College for 15 years. The members enjoyed a lovely lesson on how to arrange many styles of floral arrangements. A question and answer session followed with some fantastic ideas and advise. Deb thanked Kim for her informative talk, and her generous donation of two beautiful arrangements. Steve Elgersma and Marilyn Sutor were the happy winners of the draw.

Finishing Business:
14. John Wilson donated a beautiful basket of goodies, prize winner was Angela Latham.
15. Debbie closed the meeting with a reminder of the next meeting. Please mark it on your calendar as it should prove to be a very interesting night.
16. Meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.
17. Ways and means followed.

January Program Night: Minutes

January Program night: January 18 2018: Minutes by recording secretary:Petra Kruis-Daly

DHS President, Debbie Thomas, opened the meeting at 7pm by welcoming everyone.

· Memberships on sale, early bird draw to be at March program
· Anyone interested in attending the Orchid Society show, limited coupons to the show available tonight.
· Tonight’s refreshment were provided by Denise, Gloria, Nelly and Petra.
. Volunteers needed for 6 more program nights. Sign up sheet circulated.
Min 4-5 people needed each program. Gloria will remind volunteers that sign up the week before.
· Volunteers needed in helping weed gardens over the summer, please sign up
· Volunteers needed to help at the Lions Home Garden and Craft show to do demos,set up, tear down, etc. April 20-21 at the arena in Dunnville. Please sign up on the volunteer sheet
· Treasurer’s report posted back wall and October’s minutes are on the back of the agenda tonight, as last program in Nov was AGM.
· Sad to announce the passing of Karen Waltham, a life member of DHS joined 1975. Served a Pres 2007,2008, 2009. Unfortunately no details are available.
· Break for refreshments at 7:08-7:25

Speakers: (all three speakers are volunteering their time tonight, a big thank you to each)
1. Lindsay Stevens the Community Outreach Coordinator from the Haldimand Public Library.
· Her job is to speak to local organizations as well as plan activities and programs within the county at various libraries.
· Gave us a quick verbal tour of the newly renovated Dunnville library
· Spoke about the books and resources about home and gardening in the library. Any book in any library in Ontario is available through an interlibrary loan system.
· Spoke about the digital resources such as digital magazines, ebooks, ( a quick start guide will help anyone who does not know how to access this materials),
· Space within the library is available for the community to use if they require a space to gather.

2. Gloria Hunter, Dunnville Horticulture Board member. A lover of Kombucha
· Scobia bacteria in a sweet tea, transforms the tea into a low calorie fizzy beverage loaded with many health benefits similar to apple cider vinegar.
· A Scobie forms a jelly/rubbery layer on the top of the tea, which protects the bacteria in the tea within from outside elements.
· Kombucha has been around for thousands of years. There is no concern about health concerns or illness due to consuming it.
· See the website called ‘Kitch’n’ for more information.

3. Lester Fretz, a home gardener and DHS member, speaking on recycling in the garden.
· Pails: use them for balcony gardening (potatoes), cut them into rings for use at the base of roses to protect from winter freezing.
· Plastic pop bottles, cut tops off and use as instant funnels
· Egg shells: reduce blossom end rot on tomatoes when crushed and sprinkles at the base of each plant.
· Tin cans: cut bottoms out of several tin cans, glue one on top of another other and use them to grow slips that need long stems.
· Clear juice containers: cut bottoms off and use them as mini green houses over your April planted young plants.
· Free Slats from lumber yards: use them as into stakes in your garden.
· Plastic covers from bank books make perfect plastic sleeves for seed labels in your garden.
· Plastic take out containers with solid bottoms and clear tops make perfect mini green houses.
· Brown bags with clear windows cut in smaller sections, staples on the bottom, make great storage for bulbs.
· Large paper bags make for great storage for cana bulbs or other bulbs that require dark space.
· Clear dry cleaner bags, great for protecting outdoor plants from wind.
· Over sized t-shirts make great filters for water.

4. Question and answer session followed with questions directed to the three guest speakers.

Closing Remarks:
· Please visit our newly renovated library and enjoy all it has to offer.
· During our yearly plant sale, if anyone would like to start some vegetables to donate them to our sale that would be appreciated.
· 50 people signed in tonight, everyone is welcome to 2 bunches of beautiful tulips brought in by Kim Christoff donated from Niagara Tulips.
· Thank you to our board of directors for all the behind the scene work they do
· Next month guest speaker, Kim Dickie is doing a talk on flower arranging.
· Meeting adjourned at 8:24pm
· Members were welcomed to help themselves to freebies from Lester’s recycling talk as well as Gloria’s Kombucha samples, and ask Lindsay more questions about the Local Libraries.
· Ways and Means draws took place.

OCT. 2017 DHS Monthly Program – Optimist Hall

Sandi Marr, DHS Recording Secretary





Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017


Our October program night began with a full house of 98 members and guests. Debbie Thomas warmly welcomed everyone, especially our Junior Gardeners and 4H guests including Haldimand County 4H President Isoble Miller and 4H leaders Wendy Strong, Gwen Schauffner, Reta Vandervliet. Morgan Schaeffer (4H Jr. Gardeners President) led the 4H pledge.

Updates: -Centennial Park & Fountain Rededication, Sept. 23: appreciation was expressed to DHS Board & Executive, DHS members, community volunteers and all who made this event and work leading up to it a huge success. Special recognition of Debbie Thomas and Katrina Schmitz (Haldimand County) was made.

-Tree Canada/Grand Erie Home Hardware & Building Centre grant: DHS 2017 recipient. Debbie provided an update on the tree plantings: 7 trees planted in all, 2 Honey Locusts, 2 Ginko, 2 London Plane, I white spruce. 3 trees went to Kinsmen Park, 3 to Central Park, 1 to new Waterfront Park. Central Park was the humble beginning of DHS. The Norway Maples surrounding the park and weaving the paths were planted by DHS more than 88 years ago and sadly some are marked to come down.

-DHS Board of Directors 2018: joining will be Nelly Engelage, Lynn Loney, Ian Steele.

-DHS/DCS: honoured with the Haldimand County Canada 150 Project Award.

New Business: -9-11am, Oct. 21 Fall cleanup. Meet at the bridge parking lot. Mike Lessard of “Jeff’s Outdoor” will join us with his trailer for hauling our plant debris.

-10am, Nov. 4: Decorate winter planters. Meet at town fountain. Bring pruners, gloves, and materials such as birch, curly willow, dogwood, sumac, hydrangea, evergreen, etc. Make sure they are long enough for deep pots (soil is 12” below top of pot)

-Jr. Gardeners Flower, Vegetable and Pumpkin Show winners were presented:

Best Flower Arrangement  :  1st Prize – Christopher Reynolds

2nd Prize – Morgan Schaeffer

3rd Prize – Isabella Harper

Best Carved or Decorated Pumpkin : 1st Prize – Meghan Silverthorne

2nd Prize –  Alicia Stavinga

3rd Prize – Morgan Schaeffer

Best Vegetable Animal : 1st Prize – Meghan Silverthorne

2nd Prize – Morgan Schaeffer

3rd Prize – Caitlan Thompson

Largest Sunflower Head : 1st Prize – Aiden Lucas

2nd Prize – Harley-Lynn Atkinson

3rd Prize – Jennessa Melik


Judges  :  Denise Richardson, Mary-lou Johnston, Kim Christoff

-Jr. Gardeners were recognized by Margaret Bottrell for their excellent season of gardening. The following awards were presented: 1st place garden Mackenzie Caddick, 2nd place garden Lilianna Peirson, Harley Lynn Atkinson, 3rd place garden Landon Lucas, Christina Lucas, Aiden Lucas. The Judy Jeffrey outstanding achievement award for 2017 went to Harley Lynn Atkinson.

Refreshment break was announced with appreciation to 4H for providing snacks. Kitchen tips and snack donations were $61.70.

Our guest speaker, Lester Fretz was introduced. Lester is a 6th year returning favourite DHS speaker. He shared an informative power point on “Gardening with Raised Beds” and engaged everyone in a hearty question period following his talk. Lester concluded his presentation by giving out 14 containers of fertilizer to lucky recipients.

The Flower, Vegetable and Pumpkin Show winners in the adult categories were announced:

Annuals :  1st Prize – Angela Lathan

2nd Prize – Gloria Hunter

3rd Prize – Gwen Van Natter

Perennials :  1st Prize – Sharon Kennedy

2nd Prize – Gloria Hunter

3rd Prize – Ian Steele

Now How’s That? : 1st Prize – Denise Richardson

2nd Prize – Marilyn Stavinga

3rd Prize – Gloria Hunter

Fill Your Boots : 1st Prize – Marilyn StavinGa

2nd Prize – Gwen Van Natter

3rd Prize – Denise Richardson

It’s Scary Out There!: 1st Prize – Marilyn Stavinga

2nd Prize – Denise Richardson

3rd Prize – Leona Crumb

Judges :  Gwen Schauffner, Wendy Strong, Isobel Miller


-Feel free to pass your year-end suggestions along to Debbie T. or Deb Z. or place in the suggestion box provided on program nights. There will be no survey this year.

-Visit your local garden centres for end of season sales.

-Gather and save your seeds for next year.

-6pm, Nov. 16: AGM, Christmas Potluck, 4-Seasons Garden Photo Contest, Raffle table (no Ways & Means) & our Food Drive for the Salvation Army.

-Flower bouquets on the tables were given away with thanks to Petra D-K for donating these vase arrangements from Windecker Woods Flower Farm, 215 Windecker Road, Cayuga (www.windeckerwoods.ca)

-Ways and Means winners were also called and everyone was dismissed.

Sandi Marr, DHS Recording Secretary


Sept. 2017 DHS Monthly Program – Optimist Hall

Sandi Marr, DHS Recording Secretary

Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017

68 people signed in as we resumed our program night after the summer break. Debbie Thomas warmly welcomed guests and members to the evening.

Brief business updates by Debbie Thomas and Deb Zynomirski included:
-housekeeping: please don’t smoke by the front entrance

-Sept. 30: District 9 Fall Forum, Roselawn Centre, 296 Fielden Ave., Port Colborne. Poster at back with full details as well as on our website.

-Oct. 4, 12:30pm: Central Park Tree Planting Ceremony. All welcome to attend.

-Oct. 19: Next program night with Fun fall flower & vegetable show, 4H/Jr. Gardener awards night. Forms distributed and on our website. Come early with items.

-Nominations open for 2018 Board of Directors. Stepping down: Mary Lou Johnson, Betty Ballanger, Rob & Sandi Marr. Please consider these board openings.

-DHS received $10,000. from the Mayor’s Gala

-Sept. 23: Centennial Park & Fountain Project Rededication. Volunteers needed to help with parking & childrens’ activities. Show your DHS pride and support by attending this great, family event.

-On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, Don Zynomirski commended DHS for our hard work. He highlighted Sept. 30 concert/supper sponsored by the Optimist Club.

Refreshment break was announced. Tonight’s refreshment volunteers were thanked: Keith & Marie Bak, Bev & Wray McLean, Beth Powell, Sandra Gill, and Lorraine Stevenson. October refreshments will be provided by the 4H Club.

Our guest, David Culp was introduced. David shared his passion for “Bonsai” and sparked our interest with his knowledgeable presentation. Time was allowed for questions and answers. David donated two Bonsai books which were won by Sandra Gill and Kim Christoff. He also brought some of his bonsai plants for display.

Kitchen & refreshment donations were: $50.50. Thanks to all who contributed.

Everyone was dismissed with a grateful appreciation to all who made this evening an enjoyable time.

Sandi Marr, DHS Secretary