Dunnville Horticulture Society

Program Night Minutes: June 2022


PROGRAM NIGHT: June 16, 2022

Minutes by Petra Kruis Daly

6:30pm.    Doors Open. Memberships available for 2022.


7:04pm.    Welcome by Deb Zynomirski, DHS President. 

The Treasurer’s Report is Posted on the back wall members are encouraged to direct their question to our new Treasurer Ellen Guenther.


7:05pm.    Business at Hand

  •  Members List: Members are reminded that If your information has changed, please let us know
  •  2022 DHS memberships on sale tonight before Program and at break
  • Two pairs of tickets for Whistling Gardens will be raffled off tonight (Each pair a value of $35). Tickets are $5 each and will be drawn at the end of this evening.
  • Thank you to Marlene Link for her continued articles in the Sachem, and also to Susan and Brad Emery for their Get Growing column in the Haldimand Press
  • Ways and Means Table is up and running again tonight. Tickets are available during break.
  • This is Ontario Garden Week (June 12-19). We are once again proudly flying the Year of the Garden flag at our county administration offices for one week.
  • Downtown Dunnville Tree Planting Plan should take place over the summer. Plans are available to view if you are interested. The 16 mismatched trees will be replaced by 46 matching trees placed in more appropriate places along the downtown core. 
  • Thank you to everyone who helped with Planting Days. Our community gardens look fantastic. Thanks again to Konkles and Eggers as well as Purple Haven Lavender.
  • 2022 Year of the Garden “ A Splash of Red’
    • Red feature gardens by the bridge in town got a ‘facelift’ this spring.
    • ‘Splash of Red’ door hangers are being awarded to RED focussed gardens around Dunnville. Consider planting red annuals this year and you may get noticed.
    • DHS photo contest will be a focus at our November AGM. Since the county photo contest seems to have been cancelled, we will be having our own. Our Photo contest will focus on ‘Year of the Garden’.
  • Dates to remember: 
    • September 15th will be our next program night. Speaker to be decided yet. Snacks will be provided by: Beth Powell, Wray Mclean, Marie Bak, Susan Milligan and Pat Henderson.
    • Remember… No Program NIghts in July and August, have a great summer everyone!

7:20pm.    Break for Refreshments

 7:35pm.   Presentation by Kim Drew, Owner of Purple Haven Lavender. A lavender farm located between Canfield and Canboro. Kim spoke about the different types of lavender, its health benefits and how to grow and cut lavender to enjoy. Kim had a variety of lavender products available for purchase.

8:15pm.    Wrap Up and Closing Remarks

  • Whistling Garden ticket winners were: Bette Schriner (905 774 3500) and Fran Smith (905 701 4203)
  • Plant auction, donated by Don and Barbara Davies: winning bid by Melanie Ruigrok
  • Ways and Means Draws by Betty Ballenger and Gwen VanNatter


8:20pm    Meeting Adjourns 

Thanks to all our Board Members and volunteers who made tonight’s evening possible!  Together we all work together to make our Society a success!

Suggestion Box was opened and these were the contents:

  • Print T-shirts with DHS logo to sell to members
  • Perennials that grow in containers including cut flowers
  • Make a DHS crest that members can purchase to sew onto various items themselves
  • Keep Deb Z as president another year

Kitchen Donations: $16.90

Ways and Means: $55.45

Sales of hats and aprons: $16.00

Memberships: 1 at $10.00

Auction for donated plant $10 .00

Whistling Gardens Raffle:$100.00

Random Donation: $2.00

Attendance tonight: 45

Program Night Minutes: May 2022



Minutes by Petra Kruis Daly

6:30pm.    Doors Open. Memberships available for 2022.


7:04pm.    Welcome by Deb Zynomirski, DHS President. Treasurer’s Report is Posted on the back wall.         

                 Questions can be directed to our new Treasurer Ellen Guenther.


7:05pm.    Business at Hand

  •         Members List: Members are reminded that If your information has changed, please let us know
  •         2022 DHS memberships on sale tonight before Program and at break
  •         DHS Members Rose Draw will take place tonight.  This draw is for DHS Members only….you can get in on the draw by purchasing your 2022 Membership tonight! While you’re at it, why not pick up a DHS gardening apron? On special tonight for $10! This includes getting your name stitched on at Mirror Imaging for FREE.
  •         Long standing member Betty Clark has passed away. Visitation Friday May 20.
  •         Thank you to Marlene Link for her continued articles in the Sachem, and also to Susan and Brad Emery for their Get Growing column in the Haldimand Press
  •         Ways and Means Table: Get your tickets before the Program begins tonight, or at the break. See Gwen and Betty for a chance to get something great! 3 tickets for $1
  •         Plant Sale results: $1,606 plus 1 membership sold.  We will add to this the proceeds of whatever has been sold at our parking lot leftovers this evening.
  •         We are still in need of volunteers to assist with Planting Days (May 24, 25, 26).  Please use the sign-up sheet at the back.
  •         DHS Bursary for DSS graduating student:  Amelia Green-Johnson to volunteer with us.
  •         Ontario Garden Week is June 12-19.  We will once again be proudly flying the Year of the Garden flag at our county administration offices.
  •         Downtown Dunnville Tree Planting Plan should take place over the summer.  Plans are available to view if you are interested.
  •         Introduction to Marilyn Stravinga as a new board member. She is back from taking a break and we are happy to have another great volunteer.
  •         Thanks to everyone who has had a hand in preparing all our flower beds for planting! This past Monday, a few intrepid souls added 5 yards of compost/enriched soil to several beds.
  •         2022 Year of the Garden “A Splash of Red”
  • Red feature gardens by bridge (Lighthouse garden and West Bridge bed will get a “facelift” this spring) We have allocated $500 to refresh these two gardens.
  • “Splash of Red” doorhangers to be awarded to RED focussed gardens around Dunnville. Consider planting red annuals this year!
  • Haldimand County photo contest, details to follow
  • Sign Up Sheets available, please sign up at the registration desk.
    • Weeding/Clean Up of Gardens
    • Planters for Planting Days!
  • Dates to Remember:
    • May 24/25/26 DHS Annual Planting Days
    • June 16th, next Program Night (speaker: Kim Drew of Purple Haven Lavender Farm .Also, Kim has donated 50 lavender plants for us to plant in the long bed at the parking lot.)
    • Next month:  June Raffle for two pairs of Admission to “Whistling Gardens 10th Anniversary Celebration” Tickets will be $5 each.  Regular admission is $34/pp.
  • Beth Powel and Ken Shirwood donated a large quantity of seeds from their gardens on the give away table.
  • Don Davies has donated a beautiful and unique Oncidium from the orchid family, which will be ‘Auctioned’ off after our speakers are done. 


7:20pm.    Break for Refreshments


7:31pm.   Presentation by Petra Kruis-Daly and Susan Emery.

  •         “Cannabis: Therapeutic and Medicinal Uses. Growing and Processing Plants”
  •         Lots of Q and A as well as knowledgeable contributions by guests and members
  •         Give aways of seeds and gummies were available at the end of the night.



8:35pm.    Wrap Up and Closing Remarks

  •         Member Rose Draws (members only): Betty Ballanger, Rose Marie Borak, Pat Henderson, Marilyn Stavinga, Marilyn Sutor, Wray McLean, Sandra Zynomirski,
  •         Ways and Means draws (Betty Ballenger and Gwen VanNatter)
  •         Auction of the Oncidium went for $40
  •         Meeting Adjourns

Thanks to all our Board Members and volunteers who made tonight’s evening possible!  Together we all work together to make our Society a success!

 Kitchen $14.75

Ways and Means: $47.00

Sales of hats and aprons: $8.00

Memberships:2X$10, 2X$5 = $30.00

Auction for donated plant $40.00

Plant Sale at Meeting $37.00

Attendance tonight: 38

Program Night Minutes: April 2022


PROGRAM NIGHT: APRIL 21, 2022 Minutes



6:30pm.    Doors Open. Memberships available for 2022.


7:00pm.    Everyone is welcomed by Deb Zynomirski, DHS President

                 Treasurer’s Report is Posted on the back wall. Questions can 

                 be directed to our new Treasurer Ellen Guenther.


7:05pm.    Business at Hand presented by Petra Kruis Daly, Secretary

  • Email list has been based on information from as far back as 2019. If your information has changed, please let us know so that going forward we will have correct info. The phone/email list will be taken from the 2022 membership list from June 2022 on.
  • 2022 DHS memberships on sale tonight at break, see Ellen and Sharon for your membership.
  •  DHS Early Bird draw will take place tonight, prizes will be drawn for those who have already purchased their memberships. Draw prizes are ‘Pollinator Houses’
  •  Thank you to Marlene Link for her continued articles in the Sachem, and also to Susan and Brad Emery for their Get Growing column in the Haldimand Press
  •   Ways and Means Table has returned! Get your tickets before the Program begins tonight, or at the break. Betty B and Gwen V will be happy to sell you tickets. Money earned goes right back into our club to pay for hall rental, speakers, food and more.
  • Start thinking ahead to spring.  We will need volunteers to assist with cleaning up gardens, and with weeding and maintenance.  If you can help out with this, please see Nelly E and sign up on the sheets at the entrance of the room.
  • DHS Bursary for graduating student of DSS that is going to post secondary school in agriculture or horticulture. The Bursary winner must volunteer 10 hours to DHS.
  • Downtown Dunnville Tree Planting Plan by Haldimand County will be happening this spring. Look for a variety of new trees in the downtown core soon.
  • District 9 AGM taking place April 23 via Zoom, 9:30am-1:00pm (see Deb Z for details)
  • 2022 Year of the Garden “A Splash of Red”. Special Activities include:
    • Red feature garden by bridge (Lighthouse garden)
    • Consider planting red annuals this year
    • Haldimand County photo contest later this year.
    • Sign Up Sheets available:
      • Weeding/Clean Up of Gardens
      • Planters for Planting Days!
      • Plant Sale
    • Dates to Remember:
      • May 7 DHS Plant Sale (see Petra)
      • May 24/25/26 DHS Annual Planting Days
      • May 19 next Program Night

7:20m.    Break for Refreshments


7:35 pm.   Presentation by Deb Zynomirski:  Pollination 101.

         Deb presented an entertaining and educational talk on the ‘Birds and Bees’ of how plants pollinate. She used lots of great visuals to get her interesting points across.


8:15pm.    Wrap Up and Closing Remarks

  • Draws for Early Bird membership: Jan Loots, Marline Link, Anne Wilde
  • Special Door prize donated by Don Davies. (2 Peace lilies, one Bromillia ) Margaret Meyer-Smith, Steve Elgersma, Bruce Burton.
  •  Ways and Means draws (Betty Ballenger and Gwen Van Natter)
  •  Meeting Adjourns



46 Members/Guests present this evening

$53.00 taken in by Ways and Means

$ 27.00 taken in by Kitchen Donation

$ 90.00 in memberships: ___3 single, __4 couple

Thanks to all our Board Members and volunteers who made tonight’s evening possible!  Together we all work together to make our Society a success!

Program Night Minutes: March 2022


PROGRAM NIGHT:  MARCH 17, 2022  Minutes


7:10pm.    Program Night began with a welcome by Petra Kruis-Daly, Recording Secretary due to President Deb Z being away on vacation.


7:15pm.   Petra discussed the business at hand:

  • She explained that the email list is based on information from as far back as 2019. If your information has changed, please let us know. Going forward we will be using the 2022 membership list to send emails.
  • 2022 DHS memberships on sale tonight at break, please purchase soon as the DHS Early Bird draw will happen at the April program night. This will give everyone a chance to purchase their 2022 membership tonight and early next month’s meeting.
  • Petra reminded everyone to make a point of checking out the OHA’s latest online edition of their Trillium Magazine, where DHS is featured with an article about our new Lighthouse!
  • Petra thanked Marlene Link for her continued articles in the Sachem, and also to Susan and Brad Emery for their Get Growing column in the Haldimand Press, remember to check out these great reads.
  • Now that Covid restrictions are easing, next month the Ways and Means Table will return at our April Program Night!
  • Haldimand Horticultural Society in Caledonia is holding their Seedy Saturday event on March 26th, 9:00am to 2:00pm, at the Riverside Exhibition Centre (151 Caithness St. East, Caledonia) Everyone is encouraged to attend.
  • Salvation Army of Dunnville acknowledged DHS’ contribution to their Holiday Food Drive.  Our members contributed food goods at our November AGM.
  • Petra reminded everyone to mark March 21st on their calendar! Haldimand Hort Society and Dunnville Hort Society have teamed up for a flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the “Year of the Garden”.  This will take place at the Haldimand County Administration offices in Cayuga at 3pm.
  • Petra asked everyone to start thinking ahead to spring.  We will need volunteers to assist with cleaning up gardens, and with weeding and maintenance.  If you can help out with this, please see Nelly E.


7:30pm.    Break for Refreshments were brought around by Nelly and Debbie T directly to tables for distancing due to Covid. Refreshments were provided by DHS. Hopefully we can return to food made and brought by members in the near future.


7:45pm.    Petra welcomed George Scott of Niagara Beeway who introduced himself and spoke about the benefits of certain insects in our lives. Niagara Beeway is a group who offers a free service to all in the Niagara area for anything ‘Bee’ related.

o   A donated fabric tote with a lovely ‘Bee’ design was donated by George, Cindy Huitema won the bag.

o   George had set up a table with a variety of items ‘Bee’ related for sale for $10 (over 50% discount on his regular price). Jars of Honey were available for a donation as well.


8:30pm.   Petra wrapped up the evening with these closing remarks:

  • The Treasurer’s Report is Posted on the back wall. Questions can be directed to our new Treasurer Ellen Guenther.
  • Ellen awarded prizes for the best dressed for St. Patrick’s Day!

The 5 members wearing the most green were: Tom Pettigrew, Cindy Huitema, Susan Milligan, Darlene Bucis, Betty Schriner. Each winner was asked to come to the ‘Prize’ table and select a prize.

  • Petra reminded everyone of some important dates coming up:

o   April 21:Next DHS Program Night

o   May 6th: Plant drop off at the new Lighthouse, May 7:DHS Plant Sale

o   May 24/25/26: Planting Days! Listen for dates in the next month for time and locations..

  • Meeting Adjourned by Petra at 8:47pm
  • There were 34 in attendance tonight
  • 19 Memberships were sold- 15 Singles and 2 Family
  • $12.00 was in Kitchen donations


Thanks to all our Board Members and volunteers who made tonight’s evening possible!  Together we all work together to make our Society a success!


January Program Night Minutes

January 16, 2020 DHS Program Night Minutes
Optimist Club Hall, Dunnville
By: Petra Kruis Daly

A Welcome by DHS President Deb Zynomirski at 7:01pm was given to all attending the evening, Deb then introduced a few topics:
Everyone is asked to sign in at the entrance, they are also encouraged to purchase the ‘Ways and Means’ tickets at the back of the hall, and to purchase memberships for 2020.
Our new volunteer student Brian Liberty was introduced, he will be helping with the audio/visual equipment.
Treasurer’s Report is posted on the back wall, any questions are to be directed to Sharon Sykes, Treasurer.
October minutes are on the back of the agenda and previously emailed to members.

Deb Z then made the following announcements:
Congratulations and welcome to our newest Board Members:
Susan Emery
Angela Latham
Colleen O’Reilly
Sharon Sykes, Treasurer
Look out for the upcoming issue of OHA’s Trillium Magazine (online edition),for an article on our Thompson Creek project submitted by Debbie Thomas.
Also check out the Sachem articles continued by Marlene Link, as well as Haldimand Press articles by Lester Fretz.
Canada Blooms event in Toronto at the Enercare Centre is during March, 13-22, details on the bulletin board at the back.DHS has no planned trip this year
Nelly E was asked to come up and she thanked those who brought snacks for tonight: Wray M, Jenny E, Martha G and Anna O. The following members volunteered to bring snacks for the February Program night: Susan M, Beth P, MaryEllen P and Evelyn W. Thanks were given to all those who volunteer in this capacity.

Deb Z then announced that our break would begin, and for the next 10 minutes everyone was encouraged to take refreshments and snacks, as well as purchase tickets for the Ways and Means, which helps cover the cost of the hall rental each month.

At 7:26pm Deb Z called the meeting to order and introduced the panel of Lester Fretz, Petra Kruis Daly, and herself, who will briefly speak of a variety of garden topics and answer questions from the floor.

After an informative and lively discussions about gardening, Deb Z thanked the panel, then made a few final announcements:
The annual ‘Quint Night’ will be held at the legion on Feb 19. Anyone interested in attending should contact Deb Z. ( $20 per person dinner and speakers).
Topics for the Program nights this year are as follows:
February: Orchids
March: Gardening with climate change
April: Earthgen: Unusual Native trees
May: Mushrooms and Fungi
June: Pollinators: How pollination works.
September: On the Trail Of Monarchs
October: Terrariums
November AGM: Porch Pots

Deb Z then wished everyone a good evening and hoped to see all at February’s Program night. Ways and Means tickets were drawn and winners claimed their prizes.

Talleys for tonight: Guests in attendance:53
Kitchen donations: $57.40
Ways and Means:$61
Memberships sold:$290.00

November Pot Luck and AGM

Annual General Meeting
November 21st, 2019
Optimist Club Hall, Dunnville

Deb Z welcomed everyone to this year’s AGM and Christmas Potluck. She reminded everyone to purchase their raffle draw tickets to win one of the many wonderful donated prizes. She lead the singing of O Canada and welcomed Steve Elgersma to say grace before we began our dinner. Everyone was welcomed to enjoy a wonderful dinner and reminded to take a few minutes during your dinner to look at and vote for your favourite photos.
Just after 7pm, Deb Z called everyone’s attention to the front and gave them last chance to vote for their favourite photo. Deb called the AGM to order at 7:14. Brenda Z from the Optimist club and her two student volunteers were thanked for their assistance with setting out the meal. Amber Cuthbertson from District 9 was welcomed. Thank you to the members for being a part of this great organization, volunteering and participating in many ways. Deb called Kim C forward to present the continuous service pins. 5 year pins: George Admiral, Susan Allen, Keith Bak, Marie Bak, Rosemarie Bosak, Marg Bottrell, Mark Bottrell, Cheryl Brown, Darlene Bucsis, Letha Burden, Brenda DeRuiter, Herm De Ruiter, Kim Dickie, Mike Draaistra, Clara Draaistra, Ivan Ellison, Tom Henderson, Andy Hyma, Marion Kuiper-Lampman, Ben Lam, Denise Richardson, Sharon Sykes, Rod Thomas, Reg Wilson, Don Zynomirski, Alicia Stravinga 10 years: Darcy Christoff, Betty Clark, Cindy Huitema, Sue Mazi, Sam Visser, Marge Visser. Life Members: Ian Steel, Barb White.
2018 AGM Minutes were read by Petra, moved to accept by Cindy Huitema and seconded by Kim Dickie, it was passed. Treas. Kim Christoff came forward to present the 2019 financial statement. Lester Fretz motioned to accept this report, seconded by Steve Elgersma, passed. Cindy Huitema and Kim Dickie volunteered to audit the financial books for 2019, Bev Mclean and Betty Ballenger motioned to accept these ladies.
Deb Z introduced the 2019 board of directors and thanked specifically Denise Richardson, Lynn Loney and Marilyn Stavinga for their service and presented them each with a gift as they will be stepping down. She then continued with year review, recapping the large projects and many other activities and events DHS was involved in over the year. She thanked Debbie Thomas for all her work with several of these projects. She thanked Lester Fretz and Marlene Link who regularly write articles for the local papers and reviewed the several awards we have won.
Amber Cuthbertson came forward and asked for a motion to approve the disbandment of the 2019 board, Betty Ballenger moved and Gwen VanNatter seconded. Amber announced the installation of the new 2020 board of directors: Deb Zynomirski, Debbie Thomas, Kim Christoff, Petra Kruis Daly, Gloria Hunter, Nelly Engelage, Wray McLean, Sharon Sykes, Colleen O’Reilly, Angela Latham, Susan Emery
Deb Z then began a ‘non-expert’ slideshow on ‘Houseplants 101’. Since the guest speaker was suddenly unable to attend, Deb put together a simple informative slideshow on houseplants. After the informative lesson on house plants, the Raffle Draw prizes were drawn, Winners are: Petra KD, Anna O’Brian, Sarah Brown, Evelyn Wardell, Joan King, Denise Richardson, Kim Dickie, Pat Henderson, Velma Smith, Cindy Huitema, Larry P, Debbie Thomas, Brad Emery, Kim Dickie, Val A, Gloria Hunter, Richard Edgar, Marlene Link, Debbie Thomas, Petra KD, Denise Richardson, Susan Milligan, Bev Mclain, Angela Latham
Our raffle prizes were donated by many community businesses, which we wish to thank, and hope people visit these businesses: Deb’s Cuisine, Art Rocks and Healing Yoga, Grand Erie Home Hardware, The Music Room, Uncle Bob’s Workware, Grand Wellness, DeeAnn’s, A&W, Blooming Designs, Home Accents, Heatherston’s Florist, Sweet Retro-spect, Rexall, Dunnville Paint and Decorating, New Amsterdam, Houser Automotive, KFC, Canadian Tire, Barnwood Wine, Ruffins, Towne Café, Stefanie’s Hair Care, Only Place on Earth, House of Plus, Hunter’s Haven BnB.
Gloria Hunter announced the winners of the Photo Contest: Winter: Cheryl Brown, Spring: Lester Fretz, Summer: Marylou Johnson Fall: Gwen Van Natter. Each winner was presented with a $10 gift certificate donated by Small Dimensions.
Nelly then sang “We wish you a Merry Christmas “ to everyone and a safe drive home.

October Program Night 2019

DHS Program Night October 17/19 Minutes by Ellen Guenther

Arriving Early birds received gift bags left over from the Fall forum. ☺

Kim C welcomed everyone . Deb Z and Debbie T are attending the Haldimand County Recognition night tonight. DHS is nominated in the category of Community Project under $10,00 for the revitalization of the Floral Clock, and the Heritage award for the Heritage tree in Thompson Creek. Our youth volunteer – Shawnasy Thomas is up for youth volunteer. Good luck for these awards.
Kim also encouraged everyone to go out and see the Floral Clock if they have not already seen it.

A DHS bursary ($500) was given to Kelly Ruigrok at the DSS Commencement ceremony on Oct 11.

The District 9 Fall forum was held Sept 27. The hall looked stunning ! Thanks Marilyn,…and all the volunteers. Also thanks to all that donated baked goods, assisted with set-up/take down, and members that attended. Debbie Thomas received the District 9 service award.

Congratulations to all involved in the Thompson Creek project. A very successful Grand Opening was held Sept 25. 600-800 school children and many members of the public walked the site. Thompson Creek Elementary, Dunnville Christian School and Dunnville High School competed and won a 3-way tie for the School challenge- each school will have a Carolinian tree planted on their school grounds. A big shout out to Debbie Thomas and Dan McKay who co-chaired the project. Also thanks to Richard Egger for driving the people mover provided by Egger truck and Machine.

DHS annual flower bed clean up is this Saturday (Oct19) starting at 9 AM. Please meet at the bridge parking lot. We will be pulling all the annuals. Mike Lessard from Jeff’s Outdoor will be on hand again this year with his large landscape trailer to load and take away all plant material. Dress for the weather, wear gloves and bring any appropriate tools if you have any. The more volunteers the better – usually takes 2 hours .

Also on Saturday- Linda Maggio has offered Siberian Iris’s from her garden- If you would like some, see Kim for her phone number.

DHS Board elections for 2020 are next month. Please consider joining the board! Ask current board members if you have any questions about what is involved.

Next month is our Pot Luck – AGM meeting and election. Arrive early 6 pm. Bring your own serving dishes and cutlery for the food – Plates and cutlery for eating will be provided by the hall. Photo Contest- 4X6 photos , Categories- 4 seasons, 1 entry per person per category. Note**** Horticultural Theme please –no birds/animals etc. Remember to bring food for the Food Drive, and cash for the Penny Sale! There will also be Member Length of Service Awards
Any ideas for a speaker- call Deb Z. Our scheduled speaker could not attend. Refreshment volunteers for January- Jennie Elgersma, Martha Glaw, Anna O’Brian, Ray MacLean. Kim was on high alert during the meeting because her daughter is in labor for Kims 2nd grandchild – congratulations!

Refreshment break
Kim welcomed everyone to help themselves to the wonderful refreshments. The winners of the Pumpkin Carving contest was announced- only two entries this year: Marilyn Stavinga – Best Carved Pumpkin, Alicia Stavinga – Best Decorated Pumpkin.

Our Speaker : Raj Gill – Great Lakes program director of “Canadian Freshwater Alliance”
A national initiative that works with community groups to help facilitate communication/fundraising and help amplify local voices . At the end of her presentation, asign up sheet was provided by the speaker for the “Lake Erie Newsletter”. Her Website : freshwateralliance.ca

Marilyn and Alicia donated their decorated pumpkins and our speaker Raj chose the winners: Tina Jansson and Josie Wagner.

Kim wished everyone a wonderful evening and passed the mic to Betty to announce Ways and Means winners.

September Program Night

DHS Program Night September 18 2019
Minutes by Ellen Gunther and Petra Kruis-Daly
Deb Z welcomed everyone to our Program evening after enjoying a beautiful summer. A special welcome was given to our Junior Gardeners, their families and the leaders. Because this evening is also the 4-H Garden Club’s achievement night, River Ballent lead the 4-H pledge with all the other members.
· Deb mentioned that condolences have been made to the Konkle Family with the passing of Mary Konklel. A celebration of life will be this Saturday. See the bulletin board for more information.
· The treasurer’s Report, the sponsor/donor lists and all other events are posted on the back wall. June’s minutes is on the reverse of tonight’s agenda.
· Dates to remember:
– Wed. Sept. 25- Thompson Creek Eco Centre Grand Opening. This event is from 10 am to 2pm with the Ribbon cutting at 11am- Rain or shine. (Thank you to Debbie Thomas and Dan McKay for spearheading this wonderful project)
– Fri. Sept. 27- Fall Forum, hosted by DHS. Everyone is invited to attend. $15.00 per person, which includes lunch. It is our 90th year and so it is extra special that our club is hosting. Registration is at 8:30am for photo contest entries. Morning coffee, tea, water and refreshments will be provided by DHS. The morning program runs from 10 to 1pm. Lunch is be served at 12:30. The guest speaker that day is Kevin Kavanagh, speaking about “The Evolving Garden: selection of native plants for long term success”. The District 9 Presidents Meeting will follow the conclusion of the Fall Forum.
– Sat. Oct. 19 – DHS Clean up Day. Everyone is invited to come out at 8am to help clean the town flower beds. Jeff’s Outdoor (Mike Lessard and son Caleb) will be providing their truck/trailer again for removing the old vegetation.
· Debbie Thomas gave everyone a quick update on the Thompson Creek Eco Center. There will be a School Challenge encouraging all local schools to visit day of Grand Opening.( The School with most signed in students, to be awarded a Carolinian tree planted at their school). A ‘People mover’ will be available for those that can’t walk the 1.5KM Tallgrass Prairie and Wetland complex trail.. Richard Egger will be driving and Roger Eggers Truck and Machine Ltd is providing it. Debbie thanked members and asked everyone to come out and share in the success of this DHS project.
· Thank you to all our 2019 weeders. Thanks to Nelly for organizing them all. Keep up the great work until clean up day. Deb Z asked all weeders to have beds looking nice the day of the Fall Forum when Dist 9 Societies arrive in town.

· Deb spoke about the unveiling of the new Floral Clock Storyboard, this is due to be installed in the next 2 weeks.
· Members are to check their email addresses to ensure DHS has the correct ones. Past members will be removed from the mailing list.
· A suggestion Box is available at the back of the room for all your great ideas.
· The November AGM is only 2 months away. Deb encouraged everyone to consider a role on our Board. Open positions include Vice President and general board seats. This is also our Christmas Potluck evening.
· The Members Only Garden Tour was a big hit. Thank you to the 6 gardens that were open: Marlene Link, Tammy Link, Jacob Kelly, Gloria Hunter, Beth Powell and Ken Sherwood, Petra Kruis-Daly. This was the first time we had a fall garden tour.
· Deb asked for volunteers to bring refreshments for next month’s meeting. Colleen, Marie, Muriel and Clara. Volunteers for refreshments for the Fall Forum: Cindy, Muriel, Ray, Mary, Sharon, Pat H, Kim C and Darlene B.
4-H /Junior Gardeners Fall Flower and Vegetable Show Awards: Thank you to volunteer judges Kathy Huit and Colleen O’Reilly.
· 4-H leaders: Rita Vandervliet & Gwen Schaeffer along with DHS Jr. Gardener chair Debbie Thomas presented the awards:
– Largest Sunflower: 1st: Ben Knelsen, 2nd: Christopher Reynolds, 3rd: Caitlyn Thompson
– Vegetable Critter: 1st: Caitlyn Thompson, 2nd: Morgan Schaeffer, 3rd: Jai-Lyn Bentley
– Pumpkins decorated: 1st: Morgan Schaeffer, 2nd: Matthew Schaeffer, 3rd: Kaitlyn Thompson
– Bird House: 1st: Morgan Schaeffer, 2nd: River, Ballent 3rd: Jai-Lyn Bentley
– Photos: 1st: Olivia Mattice, 2nd: Christopher Reynolds, 3rd: Caitlyn Thompson
· The Judy Jeffrey Award was presented to Ben Knelson. All Jr Gardeners were given a DHS Youth Certificate, along with a voucher donated from A&W for a mama burger combo· Debbie presented both Rita and Gwen with flower bouquets donated by Windecker Woods Flower Farm, for their time and commitment to the DHS/ 4H JR Gardener Program Partnership. They both will be stepping down as will Debbie T. Members were asked to consider volunteering to chair JR Gardeners in 2020
· The OHA- Community Partnership Award was given to DHS at this years AGM for the work done in Centennial Park. This award was accepted recently by Deb Z and Debbie T in Windsor.
Refreshment Break:
Deb welcomed everyone to help themselves to the wonderful refreshments brought in by the 4-H group. Also to purchase tickets from Betty B for the Ways and Means. As well, everyone should check out the flower/vegetable entries by the 4-H’ers
After some technical challenges, Deb and Morgan finally got the slide show set up for Mark Zelinski. Mark is a world renowned photographer. He presented a series of slides of his photo books depicting images from all over the world, but specifically ‘Turtle Island” and the Niagara Escarpment. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Mark donated two of his books, the winners were Anna O’Brien and Susan Milligan. Members were encouraged to purchase from a selection of Mark’s books at the back of the room.
Deb wished everyone a wonderful evening and gave the mic to Betty to announce Ways and Means winners.
Meeting adjourned 9:10pm
Tonight’s tallies: Ways and means: $49.25. Kitchen donations: $54.45. Members and guests signed in: 90

June Program Night 2019

DHS June Program Night
Thursday June 20 2019
Minutes by Petra Kruis Daly and Ellen Guenther

Petra opened the meeting by welcoming members and guests. She reminded everyone of fire exits, signing in on the ‘Sign in Sheet’, both for safety reasons, and for a chance to win a draw prize. She then spoke about old business:
• The Treasurer’s report is listed at the back of the room for everyone’s perusal, other news and information is also posted.
• The minutes of the May Program night are on the back of tonight’s agenda.
• She encouraged members to remember the following dates:
• September 14, Fall Members only garden tour (9AM to 4 PM) Gardens to be announced.
• September 18, Thompson Creek Eco Centre Grand Opening. (10 am till 2 ish)
• September 27, District 9 Fall Forum hosted by DHS. Everyone welcome to come. Remember to take pictures for the Photo contest.
Due to technological issues we could not see the video message made by Deb Z, who is away at a conference this evening.

1. Members Discounts: now open new owners- Potting Shed 10% off live goods
*Canadian Tire 5% off live plants-currently all garden stock up to 50% off end of season sale
*Garden Gallery, holding Dunnville Senior Supports Garden Party Sat 22 annual fundraiser.
*Others- no harm to ask, show your membership card
2. Please check your email addresses, if they have changed in the last year, let Kim know.
3. Muddy clean up is Wed June 26. 10am All are welcome to come help.
4. N.O.T.L Garden Tour. Sat July 6. All welcome. Check out the website for more info.
5. Floral Clock and Thompson Creek are coming along well, no news to report.
6. Suggestion Box is at the back table. Continue to add ideas-all are read and considered.
7. Nelly made a short announcement thanking weeders (all weeders given a donated McDonalds meal coupon) Nellie asked for a few more volunteers to assist with weeding.
All weedeers asked to remove spent tulips and irises from their beds.
8. Refreshment Volunteers were thanked for bringing in treats for tonight : Joan King, Kim Christoff, Mary Ellen Page, Pauline Phillips.
9. Gloria reminded us to start taking pictures for our Photo contest at our November AGM (as well as for the September District 9 Fall Forum)

Petra welcomed everyone to enjoy some refreshments and Purchase Ways and Means Tickets, then meet back in 10 minutes.Petra then introduced our Guest Speaker: Loretta Shields of ‘Caring for our Backyard Birds”. Who spoke about the best way to attract and keep interesting and wonderful birds in your backyard. Petra thanked Loretta for her very interesting presentations. Loretta then assisted in drawing two names for the door prizes. The Lavender pot (Donated by The Potting Shed) went to Darlene Bucsis. And the beautiful gourd bird feeder (grown/carved & donated by Angela Latham ) went to Frank Phillips. Petra reminded everyone that our many exciting events in September are happening before our September Program night, so we will all have to remember on our own. To watch for emails from Kim as dates approach, and to check our website for updates. Next Program night is September 19. Mark Zelinski will speak on “How to Photograph Flowers, Plants, Gardens and Landscapes” Also our Annual Flower and Vegetable show and Awards night for Junior Gardeners/4H kids. 4H will be providing our refreshments. Petra wished everyone a safe drive home, and a wonderful summer break.

Attendance for the night-76 people signed in. Ways and Means raised a total of $74.00 and the kitchen donation tin raised: $63.00

May Program Night Minutes 2019

May Program Night
May 16 2019
Our President Deb Z welcomed the 78 members and guests out this evening, especially new people. She explained that the video playing was from the recent ‘burn’ done at the Thompson Creek Project.
She reminded everyone to help themselves to beverages as well as purchase ‘Ways and Means’ tickets. The money from this goes to help pay for the rental of the hall. At the back of the hall are a variety of items. Newspaper clippings, coming events, etc for members to read.
She reminded everyone about important dates coming up:
• Planting day is May 25 at 8am. Volunteers are needed to help plant that morning. Please sign up at the back of the room. Bring your gardening gloves and trowels.
• Mayor’s Gala is the evening of May 25. Volunteers are needed to help that evening.
• Fall members only garden tour: Sept 14th
• Fall Forum is Sept 27th.
• Summer weeding. Volunteers are needed to take care of the flower beds in town all summer/fall. Please sign up to take care of a bed. Speak to Nelly (our weeding coordinator) if you have questions.
Thompson Creek Project Update: Ducks unlimited regularly has fundraising dinners, Deb represented DHS at the most recent dinner and showed those attending what DHS is doing at Thompson Creek. Wild flower seeds are going to be planted as soon as the land dries out. Signage for this project is being prepared and will be installed by the fall. The ‘Grand Opening’ will happen in the fall on Sept 18 2019.
Gloria thanked Leitha, Rose Allen, Pat Anderson, Ellen Gunther for bringing in tonight’s amazing snacks. Gloria asked for June snack volunteers which are: Joan King, Kim Christoff, Pauline Phillips, MaryEllen Page, Cheryl Brown.
Guest Speaker: Adam Koziol from Earthgen, was introduced by Deb Z. He spoke about the interesting topic of Truffels. After a very informative 45 minutes, Deb asked Nelly to draw 10 names to win the Rose Draw. The winners are:
1. Betty Ballenger
2. Evelyn Wardell
3. Reg Wilson
4. Joan King
5. Gloria Hunter
6. Barb White
7. Hellen Eddle
8. Dan McKay
9. Kim Dickie
10. Larry Page
Deb Z reminded everyone again to sign up to volunteer. Next month Loretta Shields will be talking about backyard birds and how to keep them. She thanked everyone for coming tonight, especially those who are on the board, who help behind the scenes. Susan and Morgan who help with Tech. Ways and Means draws then took place, which raised a total of $70.45 for this evening. The kitchen donation tin raised $78.60. The last few remaining plants from the plant sale were sold and brought in an extra $57.00