Dunnville Horticulture Society

DHS 2018 Year in Review

All I can say is “Well Done Everyone!! Together another banner year.”

-Our membership is at 234

-With 21 Jr Gardeners and a successful partnership with Hald 4H

-DHS is proud to recognize 5 new life members this year with a total of 10

-Our monthly programs continue to draw no less than 69 in attendance, some programs double that- proving they are relevant, enjoyable and something worthwhile to continue

-We have continued to grow partnerships within the community through our projects and activities; Dunnville High school student volunteers..giving out our first bursary this year

-We had the assistance of the Scouts & Cubs, Community Living and Dunnville Christian School weeding beds this year along with our dedicated members

-We partnered with Heritage Haldimand to designate the large Norway Maple as a Heritage tree in the New Waterfront park  and installed a permanent marker.

-Businesses, Community groups and residents believe in us, as seen in our strong financial position and community engagement

-Enabling us to add a new bench in Wingfield Park, 2 new nautical art enhancements, the restoration of the anchor and bed including a new historical plaque, concrete edging and new plantings around the new Dunnville sign

– Not to mention keeping up with our regular activities and projects

-And of course the yet to be completed Thompson Creek Eco Park Restoration

-We continue to think of ways to be environmentally responsible by planting more perennials, grasses, trees and shrubs each year reducing the need for excessive watering and keeping our costs down

-We look for ways each year to try and reduce our volunteers time and labour – by using thick mulches where we can, by eliminating annuals in some beds and by ensuring the annuals planted are of the type and done in a way that will spread choking out weeds

-DHS undertakes the care of all 24 beds and planters, along with 32 pots throughout the town of Dunnville. It’s unheard of for single Hort Society to take on so much each year.


Closing remarks

The Lifeblood of any organization is in its membership. Without you, DHS couldn’t take on or complete the many beautification projects. Your continued participation  keeps our programs meaningful and sustainable. You ensure the future of DHS.

On behalf of your 2018 DHS Board “ Thank you” we are so grateful for your ongoing support and confidence.

If you our members are the Lifeblood, your DHS  Board is certainly the Heart and Soul of this organization. This group of committed individuals gives so much of themselves. Putting in countless hours of time and labour, even pulling in their unwitting families to assist on large scale projects needing a boost in manpower. I am so grateful and happy to report that no one has jumped ship. All are returning for 2019 under the sound  and charismatic leadership of Deb Zynomirski.

-by Debbie Thomas, outgoing DHS Pres.


-photo taken by Kim Christoff
Dunnville Horticultural Society volunteers were not letting the rain dampen their efforts last week,
as they decorated the town pots and planters for winter. Just in time for the River Arts Festival.
pictured L-R Deb Zynomirski, Leonard Wolters, Nelly Engelage, Gloria Hunter, Denise Richardson, Debbie Thomas and Kim Christoff absent from picture Jason Richardson. Submitted by Debbie Thomas, DHS Pres.

Hamilton Mum Show, Oct. 27

DHS members are invited to attend the Hamilton Mum show, taking place on Saturday October 27th. The cost of the bus is being subsidized by the DHS, which means tickets are selling for only $10 per person! Yes, that is right, only $10 for a great day out! This includes the bus, your admission to the show and of course, great entertainment on the ride! But tickets are limited so you’ll want to get yours on program night, Sept. 20th, when they first go on sale.

Summer 2018 Projects

Debbie Thomas


Summer updates: The plaques finally added to the 2  benches installed in Centennial Park last year, as part of the 150th project.
New Heritage Plaque replaced at the Dunnville Anchor in Wingfield Park- original sign long gone,  we used original wording and installation location. Plaque includes DHS logo and Hald County’s logo as part of CPP project.
 The Anchor refurbishment project finally complete now. Thanks to Dunnvile Silo (Ed Zylstra) for providing labour and materials for this project ( new garden cloth and 2 tones of potato stone)
Also added DHS  identification plaques to the 2 benches either side of anchor, as were purchased by DHS as part of a previous refurbishment.

2018 ADULT FUN FALL FLOWER SHOW Thursday Oct 18th Program night

*NOTE: only one entry per person per category. 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize for ANNUALS AND PERENNIAL categories*
 1. annuals       3 stems per vase
 2. perennials   including roses, only 1 stem or spray per vase
3. Veggies a. the longest cucumber
b. the largest tomato
4. Unusual veggies. Show us any new and unusual veggies you grew this year
Lets Have Some Fun
Hang it high: a swag (wall hanging only) or wreath (your choice) of autumn flowers, foliage, fruit, veggies, grasses…..or a mix of all of them.
Hats off to Gardening.: decorate a hat using only veggies and grasses
Happy Halloween: fright night…the scariest pumpkin

Letter to the Editor

Debbie Thomas
Vandalism of public property
      All I can say is unbelievable, heart breaking and disheartening to a group of dedicated community volunteers.
Just last week Tuesday, Dunnville Horticultural Society volunteers completed a project to enhance the town beds.
Two nautical themed public art pieces were constructed with the donation a telephone pole, from Hines Electric and Marine rope from Vic Powell. Two cast steel geese that had been broken off different town locations 2 years ago were re purposed to sit upon the newly created nautical structures.
     Volunteers from DHS worked very hard to design, create and build these feature pieces. Only to discover Sat morning when they arrived to commence planting the town beds with annuals, that sometime Friday evening after 9pm an individual(s) thought that destruction of something beautiful for all to enjoy, would give them some sort of rush, satisfaction by destroying public property.
 One of the cast steel geese had been removed from its perch on the East side of the Dunnville Bridge bed.
      I cannot tell you how upset and disenchanted  my group is, this happened within days of being done. DHS is a group of volunteers that put countless hours of their own time and sweat equity into beatifying Dunnville, only to have their hard work thoughtlessly disrespected and blatantly ruined.  Shame on who ever did this!! If the goose is not at the bottom of the Grand River, consider its return. This act of vandalism however, will not prevent DHS volunteers from continuing their work beautifying the town of Dunnville.