Preparing your soil for next season

By Brad and Susan Emery To The Haldimand Press Although the garden harvest is pretty much picked over at this time of the year, gardening tasks are still ongoing and […]

Dunnville Horticultural Society update

At long last, together again! Just as the weather is turning colder, we have some warm news! After 21 long months of foregoing our monthly program nights, Dunnville Horticultural Society […]

Invasive Species to Watch Out For

I recently read an article that describes two invasive species. One of them, the buckthorn tree, is very aggressive and vigorously spreads, out-competing native plants and negatively affecting the soil. […]

Get Growing: Tips from local gardeners

At this time of year, we have plants popping up all over the place, our chickens are great at spreading seeds around. Although we do recognize some, we don’t recognize […]

Get Growing—Tips from local gardeners

Since this is the time to get those gardens in, let’s talk a little about companion planting. This is something we started to experiment with a few years ago after […]