George & Shirley Hoto Interview

Even on a cloudy day, the adjective that comes to mind when describing the flower bed on Main Street in Dunnville is grand. Certainly some might say that this is […]

Steve Elgersma Interview

Bees were actively working in and around the sedums in the median at Broad and Main Streets in Dunnville as Steve Elgersma shared his commitment to help others. Steve is […]

Hosta Alternatives for Shade

Tired of just Hostas in the shady areas of your garden?  This spring flowering, clump forming, carpet perennial will give your shade a burst of colour.  So what’s this wonderful […]

Diverse and Unusual Native Plants

Canada is home to many diverse and unusual plants. Some of which are very exotic-looking and hard to find. This is due to their diverse habitat requirements such as forests, […]

DHS Update

Spring has sprung and summer is on it’s way. WOW have the temperatures been crazy, great for the plants though. Are you enjoying the weather? Dunnville Horticultural Society sure has. The […]

Get Growing: Lilac varities

I love the smell of lilacs in the air. Did you know that a lilac needs over 2,000 chill hours below 45°F during the winter, in order to flower? So, […]

Easy, Low maintenance plants

Are you looking for easy low maintenance plants? Choosing the right plants can make gardening an easier and more enjoyable task. Here are some of my  suggestions : Lavender: it […]

DHS Update May 2023

  Did you make it out to Seedy Saturday in Cayuga on April 29th? Well , we are so glad if you did. If not, you missed a great event. […]

DHS Update April 2023

DHS had a delightful February, with a very informative presentation at our last Program night with Adam Chamberlin. He spoke about Dunnvilles tree program and our Carolinian Trees. Did You […]

Lady MacGyver’s Indoor Garden

Spring is here!! Finally!! Having ventured out from being cooped up inside,I was invited for supper at our neighbours place. When we arrived we were greeted with her cute little […]