6pm, Thursday, November 18, 2017

A festive Christmas hall welcomed everyone to our Christmas potluck celebration and Annual General Meeting. 63 people signed in. Penny Sale tickets were available and 28 memberships were sold for 2018. Food donations were received for the Salvation Army Food Drive.

Debbie Thomas opened our evening with a warm greeting. Following the singing of “O Canada,” Geoff and Mary Lou Johnston sang a Latin hymn as grace. Everyone enjoyed a delicious spread of potluck foods. Thanks was expressed to the Optimist Hall ladies for their excellent service. Throughout the meal, a slide show displayed our year’s activities.

Following a brief break, a Christmas carol sing led by Deb Zynomirski and accompanied by Cindy Huitema on the keyboard introduced the Christmas season.

Sandi Marr presented the November 2016 AGM Minutes. A motion to accept was made by Sandi M, seconded by Pauline Bradford and carried.

Kim Christoff reviewed the Financial Report for 2017. Thanks was expressed to Lorraine Stevens and Joan King for their financial review. Motion made to pass the Financial Report and to accept Lorraine Stevens and Joan King as financial reviewers for 2018: Kim C. and seconded by Steve Elgersma. Carried. Service pins were given out for 5 years: John Cruikshank, Shirley Baatnes, Nancy Cruikshank, Mary Fretz, Lester Fretz, Ellen Guenther, Christine Hey, Lynda High, George Hoto, Shirley Hoto, Kathy Huit, Gloria Hunter, Nick Huitema, Marlene Link, Lynn Loney, Beth Powell, Ken Sherwood, Lorraine Stevens and Lynn Thomas and 20 years of continuous service: Hellen Edl.

The 2017 Directors were recognized for their service and leadership. Farewells and appreciation were expressed to those leaving: Betty Ballanger, Mary Lou Johnston, Rob and Sandi Marr. OHA District 9 official Sue Lusted commended DHS on their year and swore in the new and incumbent Executive and Directors for 2018: Debbie Thomas (President), Deb Zynomirski (Vice-president), Petra Kruis-Daly (Recording Secretary), Kim Christoff (Treasurer) and 2018 Directors: Gloria Hunter, Marilyn Stavinga, Margaret Bottrell, Wray McLean, Denise Richardson, Ian Steele, Nelly Engelage, Lynn Loney. Welcome to new directors: Ian S., Nelly E., Lynn L.

Debbie Thomas reviewed our very successful year with the “12 Firsts for 2017” and thanked each person who contributed to DHS in a unique way. Our membership is large and strong. We all do what we can and each contribution contributes to the whole.

Sue Lusted made a motion to approve the actions of DHS since the last AGM. Seconded: Betty Ballanger. Carried. Sue Lusted made a motion to approve the actions and decisions of the Executive Officers since the last AGM: Seconded: Pauline Bradford. Carried.

The 4 Seasons Garden Photography Contest winners were announced by Gloria Hunter. Spring: Cheryl Brown, Summer: Kim Christoff, Fall: Cindy Huitema, Winter: Cheryl Brown.Winners received a $25 gift certificate from Blooming Designs.

Our 3 poinsettia winners were announced: Marie Bak, Hellen Edl, Lauren Stavinga

Penny Sale Winners were announced: Gwen VanNatter, Pauline Bradford, Mike Draaster, Cheryl Brown, Agosino, Gloria Hunter (2), John Wilson (4), Deb Zynomirski (3), Leonard Walters, Leona Crumb, Jenny Elgersma, Marilyn Suton, Bev McLean (2), Rose Allen (2), Kim Christoff (2), Shirley Stevens, Agnes Walters, Sue Lusted, Sharon Kennedy, Evelyn Wardell, Kim Dickie, Denise Richardson, Don Zynomirski (2), Debbie Thomas, Sherry Stokes, Sharon Sykes, Joan King, Ellen Guenter, Mary Lou Johnston. $340. was raised from Penny Sale tickets.

Our generous sponsors for Penny Sale donations were acknowledged and everyone was encouraged to shop local to support our generous businesses. The evening concluded with a heartfelt thank you to our many volunteers who make DHS a continued success.

Everyone was dismissed with wishes for safe travels and a healthy, happy new year. We hope to see everyone back on January 18, 2018.

Sandi Marr, Recording Secretary


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