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Golden shadows pagoda dogwood an exciting addition to the garden

Do you need something exciting in your garden? I know I do. Do you need to add elegant structure and unbelievable colour? Who doesn’t?

Well, golden shadows pagoda dogwood is the plant for you. With a natural horizontal branching habit giving it a tiered appearance, and its glorious variegated leaves of bright yellow with a splotch of emerald green, this is definitely a showstopper.

This spectacular dogwood takes on a pink tone on the new growth and in the spring produces clumps of lacy, yellowish white flowers. This is definitely a spectacular addition to any landscape.

It is a tough native North American shrub tree that gives year-round presents and beauty. It thrives in dappled shade, but will withstand some sun. Moisture is the key component and weekly watering during hot spells is necessary. They will also benefit from mulching to maintain the moisture.

Golden shadows will grow in different soils, like loam and clay, while giving it compost in the spring is all the fertilizer it will need. No pruning is necessary, but you can, only to keep a desired shape. Therefore, it is a low maintenance specimen.

Of course, with all plants you might need to protect them from our wildlife, as they tend to nibble on new growth. You also need to protect them from weed whackers and lawn mowers, too.

Don’t forget the Dunnville Horticultural Society holds its monthly program night every third Thursday of the month, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Optimist Club of Dunnville hall, 101 Main St. E. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., with light refreshments provided. The group is now sponsoring lug a mug, so don’t forget to bring your reusable mug. This month, our program is all about favourite YouTube gardeners. Memberships are available to purchase.

Also, don’t forget to save the date for April 29, for the collaboration Seedy Saturday with the Haldimand Horticultural Society. It will be held at the Cayuga Memorial Arena, 55 Thorburn St. S., Cayuga. It is sure to be a spectacular day.


Marlene Link is a member of the Dunnville Horticultural Society.

Program Night Minutes: January 2023




6:30pm.    Doors Open. Purchase your Ways and Means tickets. Enjoy a coffee or tea. Memberships Can be        Purchased.


7:00pm.    Welcome by Petra Kruis-Daly , DHS Vice-President. Treasurer’s Report is Posted on the back wall.  Questions can be directed to our Treasurer Ellen Guenther.


7:10pm.    Business at Hand

  • Thank you to Marlene Link for her continued articles in the Sachem, and also to Susan and Brad Emery for their Get Growing column in the Haldimand Press
  • Reminder we are participating in Lug A Mug – Please bring your own reusable mug.
  • DHS is partnering with the Haldimand Hort Society in 2023 to do a joint Seedy Saturday event. This will take place at the arena in Cayuga. The confirmed date is April 29th 2023. Save the date!
  • Ways and Means Table: Get your tickets before the Program begins tonight, or at the break – This is a great time to regift some of those Christmas Gifts.  
  • Plants for our upcoming Planting Days have been ordered. Thank you Deb Z and Konkles Greenhouses.
  • Thank you to everyone who brought the finger foods for break today, Much Appreciated.
    • Lions Home and Garden Show is a go…dates April 13,14,15 of 2023.  Volunteers needed to organize, set up and man our booth.  DHS will carry the cost of the booth
    • Possible upcoming project. Crochet Poppies – who is interested, who knows how, do we want to do this for Centennial park ?
    • Idea being thrown around: Are members interested in returning to paid workshops and/or garden tours? Bus Tours? Show of Hands/Thoughts?
    • Suggestion Box will once again be available by the registration desk.
    • Upcoming: Bring A Friend Month. How it Works! Bring a friend to the April Meeting, get a ballot for a draw, they sign up as a member and you get a second ballot.


  • Dates to Remember:
    • February 16th, next Program Night – TBA
    • April 13-15 – Lions Home and Garden Show – Booth Theme is Flower Power
    • April 20th – Bring a friend month.
    • April 29th 2023 – Seedy Saturday Cayuga Arena


7:45pm.    Break for Refreshments


8:00pm.   Presentation by Jenn Miller (Corresponding Secretary) and Ellen Guenther (Treasurer) 

Who are your Favorite Youtube Gardeners? 


8:45pm.    Wrap Up and Closing Remarks

  • Ways and Means draws (Betty Ballenger and Gwen VanNatter)
  • Meeting Adjourns


Thanks to all our Board Members and volunteers who made tonight’s evening possible!  Together we all work together to make our Society a success!