Dunnville Horticulture Society

Sept. 2017 DHS Monthly Program – Optimist Hall

Sandi Marr, DHS Recording Secretary

Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017

68 people signed in as we resumed our program night after the summer break. Debbie Thomas warmly welcomed guests and members to the evening.

Brief business updates by Debbie Thomas and Deb Zynomirski included:
-housekeeping: please don’t smoke by the front entrance

-Sept. 30: District 9 Fall Forum, Roselawn Centre, 296 Fielden Ave., Port Colborne. Poster at back with full details as well as on our website.

-Oct. 4, 12:30pm: Central Park Tree Planting Ceremony. All welcome to attend.

-Oct. 19: Next program night with Fun fall flower & vegetable show, 4H/Jr. Gardener awards night. Forms distributed and on our website. Come early with items.

-Nominations open for 2018 Board of Directors. Stepping down: Mary Lou Johnson, Betty Ballanger, Rob & Sandi Marr. Please consider these board openings.

-DHS received $10,000. from the Mayor’s Gala

-Sept. 23: Centennial Park & Fountain Project Rededication. Volunteers needed to help with parking & childrens’ activities. Show your DHS pride and support by attending this great, family event.

-On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, Don Zynomirski commended DHS for our hard work. He highlighted Sept. 30 concert/supper sponsored by the Optimist Club.

Refreshment break was announced. Tonight’s refreshment volunteers were thanked: Keith & Marie Bak, Bev & Wray McLean, Beth Powell, Sandra Gill, and Lorraine Stevenson. October refreshments will be provided by the 4H Club.

Our guest, David Culp was introduced. David shared his passion for “Bonsai” and sparked our interest with his knowledgeable presentation. Time was allowed for questions and answers. David donated two Bonsai books which were won by Sandra Gill and Kim Christoff. He also brought some of his bonsai plants for display.

Kitchen & refreshment donations were: $50.50. Thanks to all who contributed.

Everyone was dismissed with a grateful appreciation to all who made this evening an enjoyable time.

Sandi Marr, DHS Secretary


Dunnville Horticultural Society gears up for its re-dedication ceremony

Deb Zynomirski

PRESS RELEASE: DUNNVILLE, ONTARIO Work nears completion on Dunnville’s Centennial Park, as Dunnville Horticultural Society gears up for its re-dedication ceremony. Extensive improvements to Centennial Park were undertaken this spring and summer, with the main focus being the re-furbishment of the derelict Centennial Fountain. Major repairs to the concrete uprights were done, and the historic panels lining those uprights were completely overhauled and refinished by professional artist and sculptor Christian Corbet. Additional park improvements included the installation of accessible concrete pads with benches, and paved pathways throughout the park, leading over the now accessible bridge to Grandview Lodge and Lions Park. Future improvements are in the works to revitalize the trail and path system at the north end of the park beside Thompson Creek. A re-dedication event is planned to showcase these many improvements to the public, and to thank project partners and community supporters. September 23, 10am-12noon, the public is invited to attend a 1967 themed celebration, complete with free refreshments and free activities for kids.

Every leaf is a flower

Sandi Marr



Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus.


Autumn is my favourite season, a season of beauty and reflection. As gardeners, we slow down, prepare for winter and plan for the next gardening season.


Fall is a good time to “dig and divide.” Dig up mature perennials and divide them into smaller portions. Replant perennials around your garden, leave in pots through the winter or share with friends.


Plant garlic cloves during the fall. Use loose, open, sandy soil for best drainage. Plant cloves about 4 cm deep and 10 cm apart.


Fruit tree trunks may be wrapped with a plastic spiral guard to prevent rodent damage in winter. Mice and rabbits can wreak havoc on young, tender bark. Wrap evergreens with burlap to protect from wind and salt spray.


Prepare for a fall lawn fertilizer application in October. Fall fertilizer is important as it builds strong root zones.


After the first serious frost, dig up your dahlias and cannas and lay the tubers in the sun to dry for a day or two. Store in a large, craft paper leaf bag with dry peat moss or shredded newspaper in a cool but dry place. Do not cut back fall flowering ornamental grasses and flowering plants that produce a seed head. The birds will forage the seeds well past the first snow fall.


For more excellent gardening tips, visit our website www.dunnvillehortandgardenclub.org and facebook page. Better yet, join us Sept. 21, 7-9pm for our Dunnville Horticultural Society (DHS) Monthly Program at the Optimist Hall. David Culp will be sharing his passion on Bonsai. On Sept. 23, 10am-1pm, everyone is invited to Centennial Park to celebrate the newly improved Centennial Park and Legacy Monument! Contact Debbie Thomas, President at (905) 774-3064.



Photo by Sandi Marr

FUN FALL FLOWER SHOW Thursday Oct 19th Program night

*NOTE: only one entry per person per category. 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize for each category*
  annuals       3 stems per vase
  perennials   3 stems per vase
How does your garden grow?
  Now How’s That!  A vegetable corsage
  Fill Your Boots!  an old shoe or boot planted up with flowers and/or grasses
  Its Scary Out There! the Scariest Jack’ o ‘lantern!